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Here Are 3 Local Beauty Brands On Our Radar

Meet Kayu, Pure Culture, and ChuChu Beauty—cosmetics lines that prove the Filipino beauty scene is exciting right now!

It's a great time to be experiencing an exciting Filipino beauty brand landscape! We have recently been blessed with the launch of three new cosmetics brands locally—Chu Chu Beauty, Kayu Beauty, and Pure Culture! If you're on the lookout for new picks to try, or simply want to support local more, read on and find out what's worth adding to cart now:

Chu Chu Beauty


Who else feels like makeup is having a moment? After almost two years of focusing on our skincare routines due to the pandemic, it's about time we have a little more fun, and inject some energy back into our makeup kits! Thank goodness there's Chu Chu Beauty, a new Filipino makeup brand that's all about CHU! These affordable makeup products are made with the fun-loving, expressive Filipino in mind, who's all for playing with makeup and having fun with it! From heart-shaped multi-use balms, bento box eyeshadow+blush palettes, lip stacks, juicy dew tints, and skinny eyebrow pencils—there's so much to love! Shop Chu Chu Beauty here.

Kayu Beauty


It's about time you meet Kayu Beauty, a brand born out of the passion of a pro makeup artist, a makeup connoisseur, and an everyday makeup consumer! They created the brand with the goal to create cosmetics inspired by you—your every mood, your unique skin tone, and everything in between. Their flagship collection is the Kayu Kiss, classic lipstick bullets in six flattering and wearable shades, promising a velvety, feathery light layer of color for your lips. Their signature buildable formula feels like a feather on your lips, a light velvety concoction crafted for pure comfort. Shop Kayu Beauty here.

Pure Culture


Ever heard of rewilding? That's exactly what Pure Culture is here to do. To rewild your skin into its natural, healthy state by making sure its microbiome is in tip-top shape. Our skin is an ecosystem teeming with trillions of microbes, but our toxic lifestyles have stripped it off its essential healers (good bacteria). Pure Culture aims to rewild your skin with its biome-conscious products that restore balance and biodiversity. It's filled with natural nurturers that enhance barrier integrity and boosts well-aging. 

It also boasts of being the first Philippine brand to be Safe Cosmetics Australia certified! Being a brand that isn't just loving to you but the planet as well, Pure Culture makes sure their products contain no harmful ingredients. They are part of 1% for the Planet, and use eco-friendly packaging, and partner with carbon footprint-conscious couriers. Shop Pure Culture here.


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