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The Absolute Luxury Lift: Ulthera X + Silhouette Soft Thread

Transform your look with these two top-of-the-line treatments that restore and rebuild youthful skin.

The Triangle of Youth

Have you ever heard of “The Triangle of Youth”? When you look at your face in the mirror and notice that you’re aging, you might be laser focused on three areas: your cheekbones, cheeks, and jaw line. 

When assessing a very youthful face, three things are quite prominent: high cheekbones, full cheeks or cheeks with a lot of volume, and a well defined jawline—similar to the ones you notice in the mirror. These three areas of the face form an upside down triangle in its ideal state. This is the triangle of youth. As we age, this triangle reverses and you end up with flattened cheeks, noticeable nasolabial folds, and a less defined jawline.

If your face shape has changed over time, and you’re noticing the reversal of your triangle of youth, you don’t necessarily need to just move on and accept it. In recent years, significant scientific advancements have come that can restore youthfulness in your face—and all without going under the knife.

The Importance of Collagen

In the past, going under the knife at a surgeon’s office was the only option should you wish to lift the skin and restore skin youthfulness. The good old surgical facelift, which involved being put under anesthesia and cutting the skin in order to pull it taut isn’t only invasive, but also misses the mark in addressing the root cause of aging—the loss of collagen.

Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in our skin. It keeps your skin looking firm, toned, and youthful. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, and our skin loses its elasticity and the ability to stand against the effects of gravity, shifting the triangle of youth downward—hence sagging skin and jowls.

The Ultimate Luxury Lift

Even better than a surgical facelift, two top-of-the-line treatments that lift the skin by jumpstarting the body’s natural production of collagen may be combined for the ultimate lift. 

Dr. Kaycee Reyes, Luminisce Founder

The first treatment, Ultherapy®, the gold standard in non-surgical skin lifting and tightening, uses ultrasound technology to jumpstart the body’s natural processes, producing fresh, new collagen growth. This boost of collagen production strengthens and bolsters up the skin, restoring the skin’s youthfulness. Ultherapy® generally targets the SMAS, or one of the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating collagen at the base. It goes down to about 3.0 - 4.5mm, treating deep wrinkles, visible folds, and sagging skin. It also eliminates excess fat on areas that may hinder a patient from getting that youthful lifted effect. This significantly improves the structure of the face, sculpting it for a more youthful appearance. 

The next treatment involves the use of Silhouette Soft threads. Silhouette Soft is a body-soluble thread that is inserted underneath the skin to bolster it, creating an instant gravity-defying lift. The result is enhanced contours where you need it—lifting the cheekbones and defining the jawline. It is different from the usual threads because of its unique cone technology that allows it to reposition the skin and fat, particularly around the cheeks and jawline, to give definition and provide immediate effects.

As a bonus, Silhouette Soft threads also boost collagen production, making it simultaneously an immediate solution and a long-term solution. You can expect instant fullness to your face, plus 12 months of tightening & contouring and 24 months of collagen regeneration.

Both treatments work at different levels, complimenting each other. Generally, stimulating more skin layers produces a greater lifting effect. Ultherapy® is usually carried out first because it gives an all-over rejuvenation and tightening effect. The extra collagen stimulation also makes for a great anchor for the Silhouette Soft sutures. 

The Luxury Lift at Luminisce

Combining procedures in a harmonious way, requires experience and technique. Not all clinics can perform this procedure in a way that gives natural looking results to your desired effect. A lot of #SKINvestors who have received treatments from other clinics in the past couldn’t help but compare the results they get after getting it done at Luminisce. This is all thanks to a signature technique developed by Dr. Kaycee Reyes.

Carla Sia, SKINvestor at Luminisce
“My first anti-aging procedure was Ulthera X, which I had more than a year ago. I enjoyed that a lot and can attest to its remarkable results.
Doc Kaycee then introduced me to different new thread technologies, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have to say, this combination is now my favorite. Trusting the hands of Doc Kaycee for 6 years has given my skin the right amount of lift, plumpness, and youthful contour that’s perfect for my age!” says Carla Sia | Mother of 3

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