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Treat Fitness Like A New Hobby And Change Your Workout Perspective

Hobbies tend to develop into new passions.  If they’re the right ones for you, they tend to stick and this is what we hope actually happens to any workout or fitness streak you manage to obtain.  Staying super-glued to your exercise regimen isn’t a piece of cake.  You can chant “commitment” all you want, all day long, but if you’re not finding the fun in making fitness your new hobby it ain’t going to stick.



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If we see exercise as a hobby it can effortlessly weave itself into our busy lifestyle.  Do it right, follow a pro but take it less seriously and have fun.  You’ll see it less as another to-do to get done and more like a hobby or skill where you improve and look better the more often you do it.

Shop For the Basic Tools

It’s okay to go on one or two well-thought-out shopping sprees to jumpstart your new foray into fitness; one that’ll lead you to a stronger, healthier you.  You can start your new “hobby” by choosing a week’s worth of attractive activewear for rotation (consider these locally designed pieces from Shape Shop Active), investing in exercise or yoga mats for bodyweight training, and purchasing free weights if you don’t own a set.  Boho Beautiful YouTuber Juliana for example helped us realize that not every exercise mat is the same as she shares her preference for Jade Yoga mats.



Treat Your Choice Moves Like Console Fighter Combos

Working out shapes your physique depending on the frequency of movement.  Use professionally approved workout combinations to develop certain areas. Fitness professionals like Cassey Ho (who specializes in pilates and bodyweight routines) have channels online and programs to download that sort of provide comprehensive battle plan for your workout routine.



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Join A Community, Choose A Fitness Membership

Doing hobbies and fitness solo gets old from time to time.  It’s always good to be part of a community that will push you to reach your goals on the days where you want to interact.  There are so many gym/specialized fitness centers to choose from and there are often first timer membership promos to avail of.

Edit Your Intake and Get Smart With Those Groceries

Choose your fruit wisely!  An ideal single serving of watermelon has 6 grams of sugar versus ripe mangoes which are much sweeter and contain a whopping 14 grams of sugar.  Grapes contain a whopping 16 grams!  Believe us when we say that if done over a month, cutting down on your natural and processed sugar intake and sticking to water as your drink will make a huge difference. You will shave some pounds.



Y U M M I E ?? #melon #watermelon #yummie #måbra #måbäst #andas

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Carve Out Time For Your New Hobby

You can make a light schedule for your workout time, but don’t make it the exact same days every week if possible.  Alternate between Mon, Wed, Fri  and Tue, Thu, Sat every other week so it doesn’t begin to feel like a scheduled to do.  Just make sure you get in a minimum of three to four workout days a week if you want to experience immediate progress.