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This ‘90s Hair Trend Is Back And It's Chicer Than Ever!

When Mansur Gavriel, a New York-based brand famous for its minimalist leather bucket bags, sent models to walk down the runway for the Spring/Summer 2018 show wearing low ponytails secured with custom scrunchies, fashionistas seemed to have pretty mixed feelings about the ruffly hair accesory. Despite the gorgeous collection and to-die-for bags in the said fashion show, this particular accessory throwback trend garnered the most buzz online, as they’ve been tagged as outdated since they fell into oblivion back in the late 90s.



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Then, for Resort 2018, other big name brands such as Balenciaga followed suit by including jewel tone iterations of the scrunchie in their collection. It was a cute stunt but surely very retro, right?


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Since then, the go-to hair accessory for ‘90s teens has not stopped popping up on our Instagram feeds and some of them were even spotted on style stars like supermodel Bella Hadid, Young Hollywood royalty Chloe Grace Moretz, pop icon Madonna, and the ever fabulous Jennifer Lopez. There’s no denying they make this "old" trend look pretty cool!


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Scrunchies are getting a modern and funkier update, though. For their comeback, they got a new name too—"hair clouds" (what could be cuter?) According to Popsugar, "the new name comes from the designer Line Sander Johansen, who makes a luxe version of the product, which she described as 'silk clouds around the hair.'"

Luckily, the new scrunchies aren’t just getting a new name, but also a new look. While they still have the soft easy feel on your hair, some are now even made with fabrics like leather, lamé, and faux fur—embellished with sequins, pearls, and ribbons.


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From ponytails, to pigtails, to half-updos, there are also a number of ways to wear a scrunchie. That usefulness, combined with its new name, and updated design gives this trend the ultimate style seal of approval. We're pretty sold on the scrunch, as all things #throwback seems to be the way to go!

Lead photos via Mansur Gavriel