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Get Meghan Markle's Wedding Day Look In 3 Easy Steps

Lately, who wouldn’t want to feel and look a tad bit more royal? Since the sensation on the internet that was Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding the world has gone batty again over yet another new bride; Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex. Her every retail move is now supreme scoop, and so anything she eats, wears—or puts on her face for that matter—is considered really relevant to the general public. 

Feeling a bit drab these days?  Let’s supercharge your daily makeup into a dialed down adaption of Meghan Markle’s basic-girl-on-fire wedding look. Yes, you can do it! You can overthink her gorgeous pared down face all you want—these top three makeup pointers that pretty much reign over the rest going on in this video tutorial will come in handy once you’ve decided to go the DIY route.


?1. Have No Fear and Choose to Go Sheer

Meghan’s beautifully freckled skin glowed radiantly on her wedding day.  She obviously wasn’t wearing a super heavy base, so we suggest picking up a trusted tube of tinted moisturizer with low to moderate SPF (about 15-30) without shimmer.  If you have troubled skin, we suggest spot concealing individually and dabbing to blend.  You can use concealer—do not be heavy-handed—pat as needed under the eyes, lightly around sides of the nostrils, and around the corners of the mouth.


2. Look Sunkissed Before Being Kissed

We liked how Meghan seemed to sport that subtle first-day-on-a-yacht type of tan just before saying “I will” (we permit Meghan and Harry to change that cliché).  You can play a bit with your liquid or powder bronzer—don’t go too crazy.  Gently sweep or blend across the highpoints of the face; forehead, apples of the cheeks, tip of the nose, and chin.  Blush, while present, obviously wasn’t the main event on Meghan’s big day—bronzer was.  Part of being sunkissed also involves choosing a lip-color that makes lips sort of “blush” instead of look overloaded with product.


3. Bow To The Brows

Meghan’s brows were anything but “just lightly groomed”—they looked done, period.  They were boldly enhanced (be it powder, dip pot, pen, or pencil) and yet still balanced enough to be  Instagram worthy from within St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.  To accurately, yet softly, define the eyebrows you can go with pencil—don’t go crazy with product on the first stroke—build it up bit by bit to avoid smudging and making careless mistakes.  Use a spoolie brush to help blend and soften the brow where needed.  Make sure to go back in and retouch those brows once eye-makeup is done afterwards—just to make sure they’re not weak by comparison.

With these top tips in mind, finish this look armed with a mustard seed of good faith in yourself and your willingness to give it a try. Perhaps a couple of techniques and product recommendations on our part will help get you started.



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