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How To Get Maymay Entrata's Morena Glow, According To Celebrity Makeup Artist Owen Sarmiento


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The glow obsession continues with with us here in Metro.Style, as perfecting how to create a 'natural glow' proves to be celebrities' go-to look these days. Who doesn't want to look like they're glowing effortlessly from the inside, anyway? 

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One lady that caught our eye rocking the glow trend, in this instance, the glow trend for morenas, is none other than Metro cover girl Maymay Entrata! This pretty young thing continues to make waves in both the fashion and beauty scene, and we can't help but stop and take notice. We talked to her go-to creative of the moment, celebrity makeup artist Owen Sarmiento and asked him the things we're dying to know: how to get Maymay's morena glow, and what we need to achieve it! Read on to find out exactly how:


1. What are the best beauty trends suited for Morenas like Maymay? What can she pull off?

Everyone is crazy about highlighters, and more than contouring, highlighting a morena skintone gives it a more dimensional glow. Maymay has very expressive almond shaped eyes. Winged tip eyeliner looks great on her, making them look longer, bigger and brighter. We see alot of bronze eyeshadows for Fall/Winter 2018. There are gold accents on the eyes, flushed cheeks, warm and polished skin. These are some of the trend that work really well for Maymay. And graphic liners too! May it be colored or the basic black and brown.



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2. Name five key beauty products needed to achieve that morena glow. 

A warm/golden illuminating primer is very good makeup base for morenas. I also love a coral cream blush, nude and warm eyeshadow tones, warm bronzer because cooler bronzers may appear ashy, medium to medium dark neutral or nude lipsticks. It really is about mimicking the natural colors that you see on a morena skintone like golds, corals, terracotta, caramel, bronze, tawny browns etc.




1—Hourglass Light Correcting Primer,; 2—The Balm Frat Boy Blush, Beauty Bar; 3—3CE Mood Triple Eyeshadow,; 4—Becca Sunlit Bronzer,; 5—Too Faced Natural Nudes in Nip Slip,


3. Speaking of glow, what highlighter shades work best with her skintone?

I like warm highlighters with a lot gold and peach shimmers. It gives a healthy dimensional glow in all angels. Cooler highlighters may look good in certain angles and lighting but may also appear ashy.



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4. What are no-no's for morena skin?

It is very important to know your undertone when choosing your foundation shade. Cool, warm or neutral. The morena skintone is so unique that any mistake in color matching is immediately noticed. Color correction is also impt in making sure your makeup base is flawless and your skintone stays true. Once you have established that true skintone, you can be more relaxed in choosing the colors of your eyes, cheeks and lips. It all depends how warm or icy you want your makeup look. Makeup is fun!



5. What do you love the most about working with Maymay?

Aside from her innate qualities of being a kind and genuine God fearing person, what i really love about Maymay is that she commits herself 100% and more to it. You can make her wear anything. Fix her hair in a certain way and do her makeup in anyway you like and she commits to it like nobody else. She carries them so well and not the other way around! She's really a dream muse!



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Lead photos via Owen Sarmiento and Metro Magazine October 2018

Metro October 2018:
Photography Xander Angeles
Creative Direction Chookie Cruz
Styling Kat Cruz-Villanueva
Makeup Owen Sarmiento
Hair Jaymar Lahayhay