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Avoid The Holiday Rush And Do Your Beauty Shopping Online In 7 Sites We Love

These days, buying beauty products from the comfort of your home has never been so easy. The age old hesitation when it comes to purchasing makeup and other personal care products has started to wear off, and Filipinas are embracing online beauty shopping more than ever!

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Online shopping sites are increasingly becoming our go-to destination for anything beauty. Just ask beauty expert and the Founder/Editor-In-Chief of beauty hub Project Vanity, Liz Lanuzo. "Online beauty shopping used to be at odds with how brands and consumers used to think about beauty. We believed that products had to be touched, smelled, experienced in person in order to sell. But now, the online shopping boom proves otherwise!" she shares.

It comes as no surprise that a lot of beauty entrepreneurs opt to sell their merchandise this way too, and Liz quips, "We're moving hundreds of products everyday even though consumers have only seen photos and videos of these items. In this case, I also think that smaller indie brands benefit more than anyone, since setting up an e-commerce store is more practical and profitable in the long run." 



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Online beauty shopping sites are making it simpler than ever to find what we want, with on-site filters that enable us to choose exactly which products we need—from which brands, what price range, to what specific shades. A lot of them even have in-depth beauty blogs, elaborate descriptions, and customer chat boxes to answer any question we may have—all with just a few clicks. Some sites like Sample Room offer free samples of selected products per month, giving us the chance to try small versions before we buy full-sized ones. Other bigger brands like Sephora even offer video tutorials to teach us how to use the products. Locally, sites like Calyxta and freyja are moving to where their customers already are, making use of the power of social media to connect to customers in a way unlike before. They even produce live beauty tutorials using hundreds of different brands they carry to facilitate better understanding among consumers.



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As for the tips when it comes to online beauty shopping, here's what Liz has to say: "Research first before purchasing ANYTHING. If you find something you like, I recommend looking for several reviews and swatches first before committing to anything. Take your time, and if you can, wait for a discount code or sale—there's bound to be one! Most big e-commerce stores would have a big quarterly sale, or have at least a discount code for 10% or below monthly."

To make your online beauty shopping easier, we've gathered some of the best beauty shopping sites and some of their unique beauty finds to indulge your inner beauty addict. Keep reading to get your holiday beauty shopping ON! Enjoy!




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BeautyMNL has been seriously stepping up its beauty game recently—from local finds, K-beauty must-haves, to big international brands, the site’s beauty tab is a must-check the next time you’re browsing for a new makeup or skincare product to treat yourself with! They even have a fitness section for health buffs!


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We love ourselves a good superstore, and Sephora has always been our happy place! Their online store, which arrived in our country just recently, has made beauty addicts rejoice for there's no longer any need to ask our balikbayan relatives to hunt for goodies for us! Carrying a mind-bending range of products from drugstore go-tos to high-end cosmetic brands, Sephora is your reliable place for finding the perfect present in just a couple of clicks. 


Beauty Bar


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You know the physical Beauty Bar store at your favorite mall. But did you know that it already has online shopping available? Since it’s already a favorite beauty shopping destination, it’s a happy bonus to know that they also deliver anything and everything beauty; bringing an exciting spread of both local and foreign cosmetics (now involving some of our favorite K-Beauty brands like CosRX and Celebeau), bath & body products, and beauty plus lifestyle accessories.




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At a time when more and more brands are emerging and new products continue to roll out by the dozen, a sense of community has become integral to the evolution of the beauty industry. In perfect timing, freyja comes in—and it goes back to what really matters: conversation. At freyja, you can find many of your cult-favorites, such as Peter Thomas Roth, Benefit, Kora Organics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Aveda, as well as Korean brands like Huxley, Club Clio and Moonshot. Oh, and their physical store in Glorietta is a must-visit too! (Read: Instagram heaven!)




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This site is every woman’s source and resource for all things beauty! They take pride in offering world-class beauty products from luxury, niche, cult-favorite, and drugstore brands right to your fingertips. In addition to that, the site also has an online magazine, which provides engaging stories that feature aspirational yet attainable beauty created by beauty editors, top beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and influencers.


Skincare Curator


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If you’re a K-beauty addict, you need to bookmark Skincare Curator immediately! Not only does the site carry an incredible range of makeup and skincare products, you can also choose products for all of your skin concerns on their tab. Think of it like your personal online dermatologist!


Sample Room


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At Sample Room, you can try the products first before buying them at full-size. It’s a site that banks on the power of free product sampling for its members. It changes your beauty-shopping pattern, and it is an interactive community where your opinions matter, and where all beauty lovers are valued. 


Lead photos from freyja and BeautyMNL