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The Pro Files: Eman De Leon Lets Us In On What It's Like Working With MayMay Entrata

Being a makeup artist is a serious dream job—imagine getting paid to spend all day thinking about beauty trends, experimenting with different looks, and working with A-list clients. But just like any other awesome job, it also takes a lot of hard work to get there. So how exactly do you get to be a full-on beauty pro? We chatted with the makeup artist of choice of one of today’s most sought-after teen star MayMay Entrata, Eman De Leon. 

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Eman started his career in the beauty industry as a PR specialist for Revlon in 2009. From there, his artistry and love for makeup blossomed, which led him to studying advanced makeup in various countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. 

Eman’s particular magic lies in how he treats the skin. “For me, it's really just more of correcting the areas of the face that needs to be addressed; more of customizing a makeup look for each one of my clients,” he shared. To know more about his beauty tips and tricks, plus a glimpse on how it is to be working with the one and only MayMay Entrata and other celebrity muses, check out this one-on-one interview and photos we've gathered below:



Metro.Style: When was the first time you worked with Maymay? What was it like?

Eman De Leon: I first met MayMay during one of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)'s extra rooms (not the main area of the show). Inside, I saw for the very first time, the beautiful MayMay Entrata. She was quiet and maybe nervous at that moment. As the head makeup artist of the reality show, the PBB staff told me to do one last face for that day and it was her.  It was with her that I got a crazy but funny and overwhelming appreciation of my makeup skills. I even remember her saying, "Ang ganda ko! First time kong gumanda ng ganito! Pang-Hollywood ka!" And that was a kind of first time for me in my career.

MS: What do you love most about working with her?

EDL: We share a lot of laughter and good vibes when we work together. And even up to now, whenever she sits on my glam chair, she still sleeps on it in the middle of our session, which i love because I get to put lashes flawlessly. We love sharing stories together (she's a natural showbiz fanatic).  She tells me and Jaymar (hairstylist) her secrets, and every once in a while, and we share thoughts about personal things.  

Lately, she's been busy with a lot of TV series and movie shoots (Wansapanataym & Fantastika) and soon her own TV soap. It's a good thing that we get to work every Sunday on ASAP and on her product endorsement shoots. I'm so proud of her!



MS: How has your friendship evolved through the years?

EDL: Our friendship which is more or less two years now is built on vision and trust. My love and loyalty for MayMay has never changed and I wouldn't  change a thing on how we are working together. 


MS: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

EDL: I would describe it as "your skin but better". The "everything on the face looks natural" look is what makes my style stand out. Yes, i also use a lot of products on the face. I pile up foundation if needed. I use false lashes too. I apply 2-4 shades of eyeshadow. I do contouring as well. All the works.

The key is to make all of those products blend flawlessly into the facial features to achieve an enhanced version of the face without losing the real her. You can see this through the different looks I've done for MayMay Entrata.



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MS: What do you love the most about makeup?

EDL: You get to enhance the girl's beauty, contribute to her confidence and self-esteem, satisfy your artistry like any other true artist, and get paid for it!


MS: What are your best practical makeup tips for looking good everyday?

EDL: Take good care of your skin and drink lots of water! Also remember that darker brows can make you look younger, contour can make you look older and too much powder takes away the glow. 


MS: What are your top 3 skincare tips?

EDL: Eat more plant based food, drink lots of water, have a skincare routine (toner, emulsion, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen). 


MS: What are your favorite drug store buys?

EDL: Revlon lipsticks, Maybelline gel liner, Ardell brow gel, Kate Tokyo eyebrow pencil and Canmake lash fiber.


Lead photos via Eman De Leon