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Summer Savers: Our Top Beauty Picks For The Hot Hot Heat

The summer may seem like it's going to end soon (hello unexpected rain showers)—but don’t start keeping your summer beauty essentials to the back of your dresser just yet. This crazy heat just means there's still plenty more time to squeeze in and enjoy a last-minute vacation. The beach is just a few hours away, anyway! With that getaway surely comes a shopping session for more beach bag beauty essentials. We've got you covered with a fresh new list of goodies to add to your summer stash—all availalbe for shopping online at Beauty Bar! Check them out:


For damage-free hair:

Over-exposure to sun, salt, and chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair. These elements do not just dry out your locks, but also causes long-term damage. To prevent this, spritz your tresses with Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow, it is a vitamin and bioactive extract-infused line that nourishes hair and allows it to grow longer. Pro tip: Make sure wet your hair before swimming—wet hair tends to be less absorbent than dry hair, so wetting your hair won’t soak up as much chlorine or salt water.


For moisturized lips:


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Before you think about layering on a lip gloss or lipstick for the beach, prep your pucker first. That’s because applying products over flaky lips will not exactly result in the greatest look. And today, probably every makeup artist and cool girl’s favorite balm are Dr. Pawpaw Tinted Lip Balms. It comes in four juicy shades and is perfect for creating an effortlessly fresh summer look. After squeezing a small amount on your finger, just dab it on your lips or pat it in the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose and super affordable product?


For sun protected skin:

Most of us are well aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer to avoid skin damage, but it really should be a year-round preventive health measure. Always wear sunscreen, and be sure to reapply every couple hours and whenever you come off the water to towel-off. For maximum protection, check out top-rated Sun Bum’s SPF 70 Original Sunscreen Lotion—it offers a four-hour water and sweat resistant protection whithout leaving a greasy residue on skin.


For perfect summer brows:

You’ve probably heard it a million times: Eyebrows are life! We couldn't agree more! But during the scorching heat of summer when we tend to wear less makeup, your brows still need to look gorgeous despite the sweltering heat. A fuller but groomed brow makes the face look youthful, so don’t over pluck them. So, if your brows are on the thin side, fill them in with Full Brow’s Brow Powder. It comes in a formula that instantly adheres to hair and skin transforming you brows into full-looking ones. 


Lead photos from via Unsplash and @sunbum