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10 Easy Peasy Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep

It’s now 2019 and a well-thought of New Year’s resolution is still in vogue. So, if you haven’t gotten around to drafting yours yet, we’ve rounded up 10 beauty and wellness new year’s resolutions to help you jumpstart your very own list.


Drink more water.

This is a tad basic human thing to do but one of the most taken for granted secrets in the beauty book. A dose of healthy hydration helps create that youthful glow so say goodbye to flavored drinks and soda, gulp water instead. You’ll be saving yourself some extra cash, plus, this one’s literally got zero calories. Add zing and infuse it with cucumber or lemon for a more refreshing taste.


Find a skincare routine and stick to it.

Get the most basic one, if this is your first time. Consult with your dermatologist or ask your favorite brand’s resident skincare expert so they can whip you up with a set that’s perfect for your skin and your lifestyle. No need to feel pressured to keep up with the latest 10-step Korean skincare routine. Find one that consists of a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer and you’re good to go.  


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Slather on SPF even on regular days.

Admit it, we only remember it when we’re about to hit the beach. But the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are out and about 24/7, all days of the year. With the latest technologies in skincare and beauty, brands have come up with various sun protection products that does not smell as much, feel sticky to the touch, create white cast in photos, or harm the environment. For those who aren’t exactly fans of sunblock lotions or creams, there are countless makeup products with spf in it. But for optimum results, it’s best to apply a layer of at least spf 30, 15 to 20 minutes before you head out. Oh, and don’t forget to wear lipbalms with spf, too!


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UV Defense Blue Ray Sun Gel SPF 50+, at


Finish a lipstick tube or two before buying another one.

With the latest from different brands; coupled with their genius marketing strategies and promotions, let’s face it, who can resist a new tube of lipstick, or any makeup at that? However, if your makeup kit, vanity drawer, glove compartment, and office desk drawer are almost always filled with a tube or two of barely-used lipsticks, this might be the perfect time to change your ways. Unless you are a professional makeup artist and your job requires you to carry 4 to unlimited number of shades then it’s best to keep your stash to a minimum. Get one in nude, one in your favorite muted hue, and another one in the boldest shade you can ever think of then mix and match.


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Be more adventurous with color.

This doesn’t just apply to your OOTD but to your MOTD as well. Your chosen color maybe the accent or accessory you’ve been wanting to add to your basics. Instead of the usual matte brown eyeshadow, why not try a warm peachy, coral-y shade with a subtle shimmer to accentuate your eyes? Switch things up every so often and pair a minimal eye makeup with a glossy, vampy red lipstick.


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Learn how to use professional makeup brushes.

Your hands are the best readily-available makeup tool there is. The warmth of your fingers help spread your foundation evenly and make it blend seamlessly into the skin. But it can become messy and, HELLO!!! it is 2019 already. Time to upgrade your tools and your skill set by learning how to use professional makeup brushes. Again, do not be intimidated by the wide range of tools you might see on the display, you just need 3 to 5 pieces to create a look. Top 5 brushes are: powder brush, dual-ended blush and contour brush, foundation brush, flat eyeshadow brush, fluffy eyeshadow blending brush. Brow products usually are in the form of pencils and powders and the latter always has a travel brush with it. This also applies to eyeliners, too, so no need for an extra pro brush for it.


Laura Mercier Luxe Brush Collection, at Rustan's


Regularly clean your makeup tools.

Nothing attracts icky bacteria faster than damp and dirty makeup sponge and brushes. Save your skin by cleansing your tools every after use with no-rinse brush cleaners. For deep cleaning, use a brush soap. In its absence, try mild baby shampoo or an anti-bacterial dishwashing soap mixed with extra virgin olive oil. If you’re a stickler for hygiene, handy UV sterilizers are now readily available and are makeup tools-friendly.     

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Discard old makeup.

Out with the old and in with the new! Unless you’re an avid makeup collector, it is time to finally ditch your old stash despite the pretty packaging. Mascaras usually last up to 3-6 months; liquid makeup up to 1-2 years; powder cosmetics extend up to 2 years. However, any change in color, smell, texture is a telltale sign that your favorite makeup is bound for the trash. Your crusty eyeshadows and pungent lipsticks need to go!


Indulge in deep sleep slumber.

For adults, a good 5 to 8 hours of sleep is a luxury you need to indulge yourself in once in a while. Regularly, if you can. Our skin repairs itself best when we are at rest, so if you are gunning for that glowing, younger-looking skin, then you know what to do. Spritzing on lavender-scented linen sprays on to your pillows or dabbing your fave oil concoction on to the pressure points of your body may also immensely help.  


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See beauty, speak beauty.

“No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart,” said the late beauty guru Kevyn Aucoin. Still rings true until today. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the coveted Pat McGrath lipstick or that raved highlighter on Youtube, if you speak ill of any person to lift yourself up, then you’re no better. Sure we can’t resist a chi-chi or two on a Girls Night Out, but if your mouth spews nothing but negativity, you better slow down sister! This year, why don’t you hang out with a different set of people that’s totally not your usual clique. Look for people who supports you and lifts you higher. Find your tribe and love them dearly. Immerse yourself in different worlds so you come out with a better understanding of how each one works. Your heart and mouth will have no room for negatrons in no time.


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We spoke to six real women about how they plan to upgrade their health and beauty life in 2019


“To continue to find good balance in life; to make healthier food choices daily; to drink lots of water everyday; to exercise and meditate; and to continue to do things that makes me happy. Happiness is the best beauty secret!” —Sofia Zobel-Elizalde, Director, Steps Dance Studio


“I plan a low-buy for 2019. Beauty should come from within an not from fancy products that cost an arm. A basic routine, inner peace, and one lipstick (per season) are all I need.” —Regine Tenorio, Lawyer


“2019 will be about self-care and finally decoding that good skincare routine that’s perfect for me. To know what really works and what doesn’t.” —Bianca Sing, Digital Marketing Manager, L’Oreal Philippines


“To devote more time to skin care through proper diet and cleansing; to embrace ageing but gracefully. No drastic procedures to regret later on.” —Grace Fornier-Magno, VP Marketing, SM Supermalls


“For 2019, I will definitely wear clothes in brighter hues. Even for my future makeup look choices, I’ll try to incorporate bright and shimmering eyeshadows and eyeliners.” —Trisha Duncan, model and lupus survivor


“Skin is in this 2019! I will be focusing more on looking artless and authentic. Also experimenting with glossy makeup: from shiny lips to shiny lids and embracing my skin’s natural texture, heightened with a radiant glassy glow.” Maia Ang, Group Manager, L’Oreal Paris makeup


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