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7 Relaxation And Meditation Apps You Can Download To Take Calmness Anywhere You Go

We know you're busy, and so are we! But hectic schedules should never be too hectic that you (we) fail to take a breather or forget how to empty your (our) mind of stressful thoughts and pressures. Nothing is worth compromising physical, mental, and emotional health for — not even a looming deadline or an urgent presentation.  



While we understand how important it is to keep up with multi-faceted lifestyles, it's critical that we also make room for opportunities to relax. After all, the possibility of burning out and developing stress-related illnesses is all too real these days, and we certainly don't want to fall victim to them. 

If you barely have time — or no time at all — to hit the gym, go for a run, or go to a yoga class, why not consider downloading 7 of the best meditation and relaxation apps that invite calm into your life? Available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, these apps are portable, dependable, and best of all, can be fully integrated into the gadgets we take with us everywhere we go. 


Stop, Breathe & Think


As children, were taught to stop, look, and listen. As adults, the lesson morphs into stop, breathe, and think. But think about what? Calming thoughts, of course. This app helps you learn this lesson gradually (and effectively) by offering structured meditation lessons and activities. It's perfect for the novice in relaxation exercises who needs a bit of help with starting this lifestyle change. Activities range from anywhere from five to 20 minutes, and you can even sync the app to Amazon's Alexa so you can relax even when your phone isn't around. A bonus is that the app also has activities specifically developed for kids and teens to help them develop self-calming techniques at a young age. 



Who said meditation needed to be done alone? If you're the type who isn't a hundred percent comfortable meditating on your own, this app that adds a social component to relaxation is what you need. It allows you to set events with friends and family so you can mediate together even if you're in separate places, as well as meet and chat with new people on the app who want to relax just like you. When it comes to its relaxation functions, the app is fully loaded with chants, guided meditations of varying lengths, timers, customizable soundtracks, and a mood tracker that records your emotions before and after a session for easy documentation of  your progress. 


White Noise 

Some people aren't into meditation or relaxation techniques that require them to listen to a narration or chant. Designed to block out distractions, White Noise caters to this crowd by keeping it simple and providing an array of "white noise" sounds, like classic tracks of trickling rain, gently crashing waves, and chirping tickets, as well as unusual sound bites like humming air conditioning, ticking grandfather clock, and purring cat.  Listeners can listen to individual tracks, loop them, mix them up, or create their own audio pattern, but no matter which tracks you choose, White Noise has specific targets: improve concentration, enhance privacy, and ease anxiety. It's highly recommended for those who have trouble sleeping (and have a tendency to overthink at the most inopportune times), light sleepers, calming fussy babies, or busy professionals that need to zone in while they work. 




Just one look at this app's cute animations and you're sure to rid yourself of negative emotions! But more than its visuals, Welzen gets your lungs to play a part in relaxation you with its guided breathing exercises for both beginners and more experienced mindfulness practitioners. Above all, the most interesting bit about this app is how every kind of breathing exercise corresponds to a certain goal; whether you're looking to enhance creativity, relieve stress, begin healing from a painful experience, sleep better, or tame a tantrum, Welzen will have just the right exercise for you. Each exercise also ends with a lighthearted life lesson to help you become a kinder, more compassionate, and more in-tune citizen of the world.  


Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics 

One reason why some shoot down the idea of meditation is because of its association with religion or spiritual practices. If you have a more pragmatic approach to life, give this app a try! It does away with the colorful language and spiritual components most meditation apps have and instead, fleshes out how your body can relieve stress with neuroscience-based explanations. Activities concentrate on the practical effects of meditation, and the ultimate result is you getting to know your body better and which relaxation techniques it responds to the best. This app also gives you lessons on relaxation by New York Times bestselling author, Dan Harris, as well as some of the world's hippest meditation teachers while offering new content, monthly.  Ultimately, this app teaches even the most intense of skeptics that relaxation and stress-relieving techniques can be applied to all areas of their lives, from work, relationships, sleep, love, and self. 



It's name may be straightforward, but rest assured that nothing about this app is plain, boring, or uninteresting. The app is one of the most popular meditation apps in the market, mostly because it offers twin exercises for the day's two most crucial times for relaxation: when you wake up before your day starts, and unwinding and getting ready for bed. It will have a 10-minute session ready for you at these times depending on what concern is on your mind (the app covers anything from anxiety, stress, sleep, focus, relationships, habits, addictions, gratitude, self-esteem, body image, forgiveness, to communication). More than relaxation, the app has also garnered praise for helping people develop constructive ways to keep their cravings at bay until they're able to fully take control of them. 



What you should know is that Buddify has consistently been the most popular app for people who are figuratively and literally on the go. This is because Buddhify was designed for those living urban lifestyles and don't exactly have the time to sit down and take a break. Over 80 guided meditation tracks are available, many of which were specifically developed to be listened to while you walk the streets between errands, stroll in the park, are in your car on your way home, or are simply waiting in line for your next appointment. The app mainly targets reducing anxiety and improving quality of sleep — concerns that many urbanites deal with on a daily basis. The app also has more traditional meditation formats for when users have a little more time on their hands. Last but not least, because it targets young professionals, Buddhify's social media component lets you share a meditation activity with a friend who you think is in need of some relaxation. 

So what do you think? Take the time to download one of these apps. Give it a chance and we promise you'll see only positive differences in your outlook, attitude, and perspective of life.