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A Beginner's Guide To Brazilian Waxing

Prepping for all the bikinis you're going to wear during the summer? Here's one of the first things you should do!

Hi, we don’t know each other. But if you’re reading this, we’ve both learned a little TMI about each other today: me, knowing you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian, and you, knowing I do this enough times that I’m able to write a whole guide about it. And that makes me feel like we’re friends. So, hi! Nice to meet you. 

As my girl friends pointed out to my pre-Brazilian-ed self, this beauty service is not just something you pass up– it’s an experience you have to do at least try once, a right of passage if you will. Because even if it’s not for you, you and your friends can at least bond over the shared experience of pain for the sake of beauty and you’ll feel breeze like no other down there. 

Getting a wax in your nether region can seem like a daunting task but as with anything in life, it’s really not, once you get to learn more about it. So from me to you, here’s a short guide to let you know the do’s and don'ts of Brazilian waxing. 

What is Brazilian wax? 

Before getting this service, it’s important to know what it is first. A Brazilian wax is basically removal of all your hair on your genital region including the bikini area and the backside with hot or cold wax.  Some prefer leaving a small amount of hair called a “landing strip” on the front that may come in the shape of a rectangle, small oval, or triangle, if you don’t want it completely bare. But for the most part, it’s completely hairless and smooth, as they say, like a baby’s bum. Speaking of bum, you also have the option of having your rear waxed too when you get a Brazilian. 

The Before: How should I prepare?

Preparation is an essential step to getting a Brazilian. Experts say that the ideal hair should be at least 1⁄4 inch long, meaning, it would be best to cool off with your razor for at least five days before, or 10-14 days to achieve the best results.  Needless to say, having dry skin can give your waxer a hard time and more pain for you when getting any kind of wax as it makes your skin more prone to irritation and injury. So, it is best to avoid having a tan or getting into the pool right before the procedure. In addition, exfoliating can also help in avoiding the growth of ingrown hairs after the waxing. But it’s also recommended to avoid using exfoliants that leave your skin coated in oil. You can instead use a film-free exfoliant 24 hours before your session. 

What type of wax should you get?

Here’s a small chart to help guide you in choosing the perfect match for you:

Art by Rbin Binuya

During: What do I do? 

I’m sure that all of us would want to get a Brazilian with as little pain as possible. You might think of downing a drink before getting it to numb the pain, but I’m here to tell you that it’ll do the opposite. Experts say that alcohol increases blood flow to the area, making the skin more sensitive and prone to bruising. Some people instead take an Advil or ibuprofen before the procedure to help alleviate the discomfort, though it is not required. So before going there, make sure you’ve had a light meal, washed up, and you can wear loose clothing. 

When you get to the waxing room, it’ll just be you and the professional waxer there so make sure to communicate. This will help you get comfortable and not feel so awkward that someone you met will be hovering and getting up close and personal with your private areas. To get started, you’ll be asked to undress from your waist down and hop on the table. She’ll ask what your preference is and will proceed to cleanse the area so the wax can work at its best. Next, they'll likely put some powder or oil to prep and make sure the skin is protected. 

Then comes the waxing! 

The waxer will do it in sections so you’ll have some breathing time in between but don’t be shy to voice out when you feel like you need extra breaks. It’ll take more or less 30 minutes for everything and when it’s done, a cream or oil will be applied to soothe the skin and prevent any ingrown hair. 

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The After: How should I care for it? 

Congrats! You got through the hard part. But a Brazilian doesn’t stop at getting the hairs out; aftercare is just as important of a step. After getting it done, it’s advised to change into clean underwear and comfortable clothes, preferably loose cotton as it reduces the risk of irritation. 

Waxing, especially in an area such as the genitals, requires you to be extra gentle as they tend to be even more sensitive. Avoid applying hot water and any alcohol-based product as they may cause inflammation and stinging. Instead of using creams and lotions, use products that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, and glycerin to hydrate and soothe the skin. And of course, wait at least 24 hours for any strenuous activities, and yes, that includes any sexy time activities.

As a final note, don’t worry about it too much. It won’t be a walk in the park at first for sure, but you build tolerance the more you do it. Just enjoy the experience and the benefits that come with it. Welcome to the club! 

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