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Nose Thread Lift: The In-Demand 'Lunchtime Nose Lift' That Everyone's Raving About

Here's an insider account of what it's like to get this quick and painless way to get a new nose this year!

Fast gaining popularity around the world, especially in Asia where most noses can be short, bulbous, or generally lacking definition, the nose thread lift is a great option for those who want an improved, more defined nose. Safer than nose fillers, which can have some serious complications if done incorrectly, the nose thread lift procedure is revolutionary and is one way to get a higher and more defined nose contour in less than an hour.

It first became popular in Korea, where it was dubbed “Hiko,” coming from the words “high” and “ko” (Korean for nose). The procedure improves the nose tip’s projection and rotation by using polydioxanone (PDO), a fully safe, biodegradable material that has been used in surgical sutures for many years. Though these threads fully dissolve six to nine months, the Hiko nose threads stimulate natural collagen production of your own tissues, which means the results of this procedure will last and even continue to improve in time.


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A couple of months ago, I had a nose thread lift at the Belo S Maison clinic with Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Eloise Buse. Those who know me will know that I’ll try anything (safe and non-invasive) at least once, but this procedure is likely something I’ll do again because the results were so evident yet so natural.

When it comes to my face, just like many Pinays I suppose, I always want to improve what I can but still very much look like me. Fuss-free and painless, this procedure is definitely one I’d recommend if you’re looking to see what you’d look like with an improved nose structure, or if you’re scared of rhinoplasty surgery. Because the nose is, perhaps, the most defining feature of any face, the nasal profile has a drastic impact on all other features. I can honestly say I look (and feel!) younger because of it—it was able to lift my cheeks and subtly improve the skin underneath my eyes so I don’t look too tired or skin too sallow.

Before Before | Gian Escamillas
Before Before | Gian Escamillas

I was scheduled for Friday morning at Belo S Maison and was there at 10 am, on the dot. Dr. Belo was knowledgeable and took me through the entire procedure before we began. I was a bit nervous, as I think any first timer would be, but my worries quickly eased as she walked me through. I researched a lot so I had a lot of questions, and she answered them in a way that was very easy to understand and very thorough.

Now, I never had a real issue with my nose as I am fortunate to have a nice bridge naturally. However, I did feel self-conscious that whenever I would smile whilst baring my teeth, my nose would become large and flare wide. Dr. Belo assured me that this thread lift would help with that, and would be so easy that I could carry on with the rest of my day’s activities! (Which yes, I did!) 

The procedure began with a clean, bare face. Then, Dr. Belo made measurements and plotted out how many PDO threads were needed for my nose. Numbing cream followed after and then, local anaesthesia was injected to “block” the nose. These injections were done on the sides of my nose (underneath my eyes, on my cheeks), on the nose bridge (between my eyebrows) and on the nose tip. The latter injection is honestly the only one that gave me slight discomfort.

This “blocking” is done so that the patient doesn’t feel the rest of the procedure. Then, we wait 20 minutes until full effect of anesthesia is in place. Dr. Buse, highly regarded by Dr. Belo as her team’s expert in the nose thread lift procedure, first inserted a small needle at the tip of my nose to create an entry point for the threads to enter.

She then inserted the nose threads via blunt cannula into the bridge of my nose, which gives improved projection, and also through the nose tip, which improves nose tip rotation and gives a slimmer nose tip. For this procedure, a total of 4 nose threads were placed in my nose bridge (with the count of nose threads varying per individual, more can be used if you have a flatter nose) and another 4 to prop up my nose tip.

Belo S Maison Belo S Maison
Inside the Belo S Maison clinic Inside the Belo S Maison clinic | Gian Escamillas

The result? Drastic but completely natural. I honestly really love it. I had done Thermage FLX (with Belo, too) months ago (in May 2019), a procedure I was really happy with, too. My face was lifted and contoured then, but it was with this nose thread lift procedure that I saw a much more dramatic lift and improvement in my overall facial structure. Post procedure, I did have some minor bruising and swelling. I bruise pretty easily so there was slight bruising in the areas that needles penetrated (notably my cheeks, nose bridge between my eyebrows, and my nose tip) but nothing I could not cover up with a bit of concealer. (I was even able to attend an event afterwards!)

I experienced swelling in the nose later that evening, which lasted through until Sunday morning. I had another event to attend, this time a formal, and was able to attend with my “new nose” with makeup. After the first two days, swelling was minimal. It would take a full week post-procedure for the swelling to completely subside.

I write this article two months later, completely enamored with the result. I’m confident now to be able to bare my widest grin and have my nose still look defined and sharp, my face looking less wide than before. The Belo Thread Nose Lift surpassed any and all expectations, and definitely ranks up high on my list of recommended, non-surgical procedures that are worth the time and money.

After After
After After

Check out our video on the Belo Nose Thread Lift below:

Produced by Aisha Anwar And Pilar Recto
Video by Gian Escamillas
Special thanks to Dra. Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group