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Here's A Look Inside blk Scents' Korean-Inspired Pop-Up Store In Market! Market!

Get your social media content on, while trying out each of the refreshing new scents

Local beauty brand blk Cosmetics has just launched some good news for beauty fans a few days ago, announcing their newest, no-frills product line: blk Scents, a K-Beauty themed fragrance collection reminiscent of Korea’s seasons.


Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter


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But the good news doesn’t stop there! To complete the launch, the homegrown beauty brand also opened a 220-square meter experiential space in Market! Market!’s new C5 wing. Inspired by all things Korean, this highly Instagrammable pop-up space houses four rooms embodying each scent from the collection: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. 


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Upon entering, you will first experience the Summer Room. It attracts the guests with a pool party theme that gives a super comfy and chill vibe while chatting with friends or catching rayseven blk cosmetics' Creative Director Anne Curtis-Smith is feeling it!

The next room, which is the Spring Room, is a pastel-pink space that is brought to life with blooming flowers. In this room, you can bring out your sweet pose ideas to match the beautiful floral pieces! 

On the other hand, the Autumn Room looks brilliantly simple, yet elegant. The hanging red and yellow lighting fixtures enhances the ambience of the room with an air of fantasy. 

Who doesn’t love snowy winter wonderland vibes? Then take your photos at blk Scents’ Winter Room. This space features twinkling white lights, snow-flocked trees and more to ensure that guests are welcomed with a whole lot of holiday spirit.

Aside from having a lot of Instagram-worthy pics, guests can also shop the 250ml scents for 10% off exclusively in the pop-up store. And guess what! It’s open to the public until the end of the month! See you there?

Photos courtesy of blk scents