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Body Party: Dry Brushing, Hair Masking, Exfoliation, And A Whole Lot Of Skincare For The Rest Of Your Body

Skincare—a buzzword that has not left our radar in the last couple of years, and for good reason. The beauty industry has had a rebirth, or golden age of sorts with skincare products alone—with K-beauty brands starting the revolution, to established beauty brands pushing both time-proven formulas and brand-new breakthroughs alike. 



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Without any shortage in facial creams, serums, masks, and everything else in between, one thing we could be neglecting in the midst of this skincare revolution is the skin on the rest of our bodies. When was the last time you took time to check out how that's doing?

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A warm shower at the end of the day followed by slathering of lotion may seem like the way to go, but these days, you'll find that putting in a little something extra does the body good. As with anything (exercise, sleep, finding time to unwind), these days, the extra effort we put into these helps us reap countless rewards. It's time to get serious about skincare for the rest of your body starting today!

Let's break down how you can get better at this:


Before: Prepping the Skin

Earth Therapeutics Ergo-Form Far-Reaching Back Brush, Beauty Bar

If there's one simple thing you should incorporate into your bath routine, it's to do dry brushing for at least three to five minutes before you hop into the shower. We're sure you've seen this tool at your favorite beauty supplies store at least once—now it's time to actually purchase one for yourself and do your skin some good!

Dry brushing stimulates the body's lymphatic system responsible for transporting waste out of the body, and helps slough away dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. This method is also incorporated in detox programs for a holistic approach. Some people opt to do it right before showering, while some choose to shower, then add some body oil on the brush right after their shower. We suggest doing it right before you shower, to reap best results! Check this video out for a step-by-step procedure: 




During: The Bath


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First things first: A bath isn't your 5-minute run in the shower, shampoo+conditioner+bar soap routine. We're talking more of a luxurious experience, one that may or may not involve a bathtub, but one that takes your sweet time and a little more products. Here's how to do it better:


1. Set aside at least 20-30 minutes for your bath.

Like we said earlier, a 5-minuter just doesn't cut it. You'll need time to shower in warm water, and really enjoy it. Take time to feel the water on your body, as if washing all your cares away with it. 


2. Use a specific type of shampoo and conditioner. And once a week, use an intensive treament mask for your hair.

Our hair needs different things at different points in our lives, so finding out what your hair needs with a professional greatly helps direct you to your next shopping picks. Colored hair needs sulfate-free shampoos, while dry hair needs one that provides more moisture. It's time you quit shopping blindly, and start shopping more consciously, with intention. 


Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo, and Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Care Conditioner,


L'Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo (Quences Dryness, Anti-Fade & UV Filters, Natural Botanicals), Watsons


Neal's Yard Remedies Revitalising Orange Flower Conditioner, Rustan's


Our hair undergoes wear and tear every day—think harsh products and environmental pollutants, as well as build-up of oils and dirt on our scalps. For this, we need a special detox product and masks to address tougher problems regular shampoo and conditioner couldn't solve.



Cristophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt Soothing Detox Treatment,



rastase Resistance Masque Extentioniste, Emphasis Salon



3. Skip the bar soap! Treat your body with a little more TLC with the use of specialized bath products that target specific dilemmas.

You may not know it, but a lot of typical bar soaps strip your skin off essential moisture. Sure, you end up squeaky clean, but you also end up a little dryer than you were before you took a bath. If you're not a lotion gal, this means you neglect your body's moisture levels—a total no-no! Check out our picks of the right products to use for a luxurious bath which allow for both cleaning and treating! 



Verbena Liquid Soap with Shea Extract, Rustan's



Clarins Tonic Body Polisher With Essential Oils, Rustan's



Herbivore Detox Dead Sea Soaking Salts,


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After: Body upkeep

Once your bath is done, the TLC does not end there. This is the crucial time to slather your body with the special products it needs to help moisturize and maintain its suppleness. Think of it like supplements for the outside of your body! 



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Fresh Life Body Lotion,



Nuxe Body-Contouring Serum Instant Optic Smoothing Effect, Beauty Bar



L'Occitane Supple Skin Almond Oil, Greenbelt 5



Clarins Sunscreen Care Cream SPF 30, Power Plant Mall



Sephora Deodorant Spray,



Burt's Bees Hand Cream With Baobab Oil, Beauty Bar



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