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Brazilian Waxing: Everything You Need To Know, But Are Too Afraid To Ask!

The summer sun is out—make the most out of this festive season by being confident in your own skin. That means wearing what you want, dresses, chic shorts, or even sultry swimsuits, without hesitation. 

One popular summer beauty trend is getting a wax ‘down there’. Not only does this prevent you from committing a bikini faux pas at the beach, but it also gives you breezier, fresher days ahead. If you’re a Brazilian virgin, fret not—here are 13 things you need to know about waxing your intimate parts.

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1. Brazilian vs bikini wax

When you put on a swimsuit, the hair you see beyond your panty line is a job for a bikini wax. On the other hand, a brazilian wax does that and more—it is a full-on hair removal method that strips off hair from the pubic region, to the vagina, and yes, even to the butt area. Bye-bye, everything!

Photo: Angelo Pantazis


2. It’s a judgement-free environment

Don’t worry—you will not be judged for coming into the door with an untamed bush. Waxing technicians are very professional, and believe it when they say they’ve seen everything. In an interview with Metro.Style, Monique Jamlang, the sales and marketing head of Strip Ministry of Waxing, shares that their “waxperts” all come from medical backgrounds—some are even nurses! Quality, speed, and hygiene are their mantra. As long as you’re having your brazilian done by professional waxing technicians, you’re in good hands.


3. Grow it out

No matter how tempting it may be to use a razor—please, put it down. You’ll thank yourself later. Practice your patience and let your hair grow up to at least ¼ of an inch. This will make it easier for the wax to get a good grip onto your hair. You don’t have to worry about growing it out—your waxing technician will be the one to trim your bush for you. Monique shares that the Strip Ministry of Waxing encourages their clients to wait for 3 to 4 weeks until their next treatment. 


4. Pop an Advil if you must!

Let’s be honest: getting a brazilian wax is no walk in the park. If you have low tolerance to pain, take painkillers 45 minutes before your session. 

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon


5. As a courtesy, clean-up!

Yes, we mentioned that waxing salons are safe zones, but it’s common courtesy to wash up before your appointment—your technician will thank you for it. Getting rid of hair opens up the pores, so washing up before the procedure helps your health and hygiene down there. Some waxing salons provide wipes for you to use—feel free to use these, and wipe away from front to back!


6. Prepare your outfit

There’s no waxing dress code written in the books, but for a breezy experience, wear loose clothes like a flowy dress or airy culottes. Stay away from skinny jeans or any tight clothing as these may irritate your skin.

Photo: Pull and Bear

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7. About Aunt Flo

For obvious reasons, it’s not ideal to get a brazilian wax on your red days. Not only is it messy, but it can also create an uncomfortable experience.. A tip is to get your wax done a week after your period, when your pain tolerance is at its highest. According to Monique, three days before and after your period are also the days when you are most sensitive to pain. So it’s best to schedule your waxing appointment according to your menstrual cycle!


9. Hitting the beach?

Wait for at least 24 hours after your treatment before enjoying the sun and sea!

Photo: Chris Osmond


9. Expectant moms: yes, you can get a wax!

There’s nothing to fear: it is generally safe for pregnant women to get a brazilian wax after the first trimester. In fact, Strip Ministry of Waxing has a special technique called Strip Mama.


10. Hold off on hot showers—and sex!

Showering a couple of hours after your treatment is fine, as long as the water is not warm. Sex, on the other hand, must wait until the next day. Since your pores will be open for some time, it’s best to refrain from hot, steamy activities, in the bathroom and in the bedroom. But don’t worry—it’s only for 24 hours! 

Photo: Artem Beliaikin


11. Waxing comes in all shapes

If you’re not too keen with the idea of zero hair, a lot of waxing salons offer different shapes and styles: heart, diamond, landing strip, and arrow are some of the more popular ones.


12. Getting red bumps after your treatment is normal 

Red bumps are a common reaction to waxing, but you should be fine by the next day. Most waxing salons offer creams for you to maintain silky smooth skin. 


13. The more you wax, the less hair grows back

In contrast with shaving, which simply removes hair at the skin’s surface, waxing pulls off hair from the root. With regular waxing, hair grows back finer, softer, and less coarse.

Photo: Yoann Boyer


Strip Ministry of Waxing is available at Greenbelt 5, Serendra, and SM Mega Fashion Hall. For more information, visit


Lead photo by Christopher Campbell