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Whitney Peak is the New Face of COCO MADEMOISELLE

"She is the incarnation of COCO MADEMOISELLE’s original personality, a young woman who moves towards her destiny to become who she truly is and wants to be."


Just recently, the new face of the iconic fragrance CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE was announced, and it is none other than vibrant young American actress Whitney Peak. Known for her lead role in the reboot of the Gossip Girl Series and as the lead in Hocus Pocus 2 by Anne Fletcher, 20-year-old Whitney imbibes a fresh, youthful energy that is aligned to what the fragrance stands for. According to CHANEL, "Whitney Peak’s joy, spirit, and energy are contagious. She is the embodiment of today’s youth whose curiosity, confidence in life, appetite for experiences and lack of preconceptions echo the temperament of the young Coco Chanel."


In an interview with Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources at CHANEL, we found out more about the exciting new COCO MADEMOISELLE campaign featuring the beautiful new face. 

What is the message you would like to convey with this new campaign?

We wanted to portray the COCO MADEMOISELLE of today: a young woman who has her whole life ahead of her, who moves forward boldly, who is free to make her own choices and become who she truly is and wants to be.

For the first time, the visual/print campaign is made up of multiple images. Can you tell us more about this creative approach?

The goal was to create a campaign that introduces a new kind of narration and dynamism through a collection of portraits of Whitney Peak, echoing the multi-faceted personality of COCO MADEMOISELLE. Her attitude and look change, reflecting her mood, her versatility—chic or more laid back, rebel or dreamer, cheerful or glamorous... We also wanted to maintain a connection to previous campaigns through the elegance and codes that make COCO MADEMOISELLE instantly recognizable, like black and white looks, pearls, and camellia flowers...


Is this new campaign a continuation of previous campaigns or does it mark a new beginning?

This campaign offers something new, an unapologetic femininity, but at the same time it creates a subtle link to previous campaigns featuring Kate Moss and Keira Knightley. It is not a revolution; it is a clear evolution that stays true to what we have built thus far.

How do you go about selecting a new ambassador, and in particular, the new face of COCO MADEMOISELLE?

When we choose a new ambassador to be the face of a fragrance, the thought process often starts with a question: how can we tell the same story in an unexpected way? It is critical to stay true to the fragrance’s story, to the CHANEL story, all while grounding it firmly in the era in which we live. For COCO MADEMOISELLE, we were looking for a young woman who could convey positive energy, someone bold who could embody the free and modern spirit of COCO MADEMOISELLE. It was also extremely important for everyone to be able to see themselves in her.


Why did you choose Whitney Peak to be the new face of COCO MADEMOISELLE?

Whitney was already a House ambassador for Fashion in the United States. She was the face of the CHANEL 22 handbag. I could already tell from that campaign that she might fit the profile we were looking for. I remember the first time we met quite clearly. She was chatting with everyone; her positive energy permeated the set. She was curious, natural, and felt instinctively at ease. That’s what we were looking for. She was sincerely happy and enthusiastic about working with us, and that shines through in the images for this campaign. When we met, we clicked instantly. That chemistry is very important when you want to create a lasting relationship with an ambassador. Whitney is generous. She has her whole life ahead of her. She is only at the beginning of what is sure to be a brilliant career. We’re very lucky to be able to collaborate with her at this point in her journey.

What do you like most about Whitney?

Her generosity. Whitney is a free spirit who isn’t afraid of anything. She is a remarkable young actress, but when the cameras aren’t rolling, she is never in character. She is authentically herself.


In your view, what are the keys to COCO MADEMOISELLE’s longevity?

Surely that COCO MADEMOISELLE is more than just a perfume. It is a lifelong experience for the woman who wears it, and it evolves alongside her. COCO MADEMOISELLE holds the promise of a path toward self-realization. It is a fragrance that reflects the woman wearing it and her many facets, throughout every step of her journey. And that’s what makes it both modern and timeless.

COCO MADEMOISELLE is available at CHANEL counters at Rustan's the Beauty Source. Photos courtesy of CHANEL Beauty.