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Create Your Own Fragrance Bouquet at the Chloé Atelier des Fleurs

Welcome to the Chloé floral workshop. Experience the French art of de vivre as your discover these floral scents!

One recent beautiful morning, Manila's chic crowd witnessed and experienced the grand launch of Chloé Atelier des Fleurs, the beginning of a new chapter for the brand in the Philippines. Located at the fragrance department of Rustan's Makati, the fragrance atelier houses the brand's iconic and bestselling fragrances, as well as the new line. For those with gifting needs, the space has 'The Gifting Atelier', where one could add special touches to a present, further making it more special for the receiver.

The Chloé fragrance atelier at Rustan's Makati
Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Trolley

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place in the presence of the guests, done by Luxasia Country Manager Barbs Miravalles, Luxasia Business Manager Celeste Valencia, Rustan's Senior Vice President Michael Huang, together with host Xandra Rocha-Araneta. Shortly after, they were joined by the brand's Philippine ambassadors Mari Jasmine, Vania Romoff, Small Laude, and Dr. Aivee Teo

(L-R) Luxasia Country Manager Barbs Miravalles, Mari Jasmine, Vania Romoff, Luxasia Business Manager Celeste Valencia, Rustan's Senior Vice President Michael Huang, Small Laude, Dra. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, Host Xandra Rocha Araneta
(L-R) Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, Dra. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, Cat Arambulo, Issa Pressman, Sofia Andres

Everyone made their way to the Blackbird restaurant in Makati for a special luncheon and presentation, where we got to experience the new collection firsthand, and devour a sumptuous meal. Tin Conde, Luxasia Head of Training and Education introduced us to Atelier des Fleurs, and encouraged us to discover and come up with our very own fragrance bouquet. 

Chloe Blackbird Menu
Luxasia Head of Training and Education Tin Conde
Gabbie Mariano trying the collection

After the delightful meal, we were in for one more surprise—a flower arrangement masterclass by renowned florist Ginger Gaddi. Each guest was given an assortment of flowers to work with, tools, and wrapping paper and ribbons. The room livened up with excitement over the activity, and each one ended up with his or her unique creation to take home. Truly, it was an exercise in creativity!

Florist Ginger Gaddi
Shaira Luna enjoying the flower arrangement activity
(L-R) Sam Santamaria, Rocio Escaño, Gabbie Mariano, Ginger Gaddi, Audrey Pastelero with their floral creations

Chloé Atelier Des Fleurs

The House of Chloé unveils a collection of twenty fragrances (with 19 available in the Philippines) like the secret creations of a dream workshop. Twenty fragrances with names that express floral, aromatic or woody notes, twenty fragrances that live in harmony, in pairs or in threes, composed with natural ingredients.

Each fragrance has its own signature… To bring this collection to life, Chloé invited renowned perfumers to choose their favorite flower plant or the heart of an exclusive fragrance and share the unique story that binds them.

Childhood memories, travel recollections, reminiscences of places or moments that marked their lives… These talented perfumers drew upon their olfactory memories to create these personal, not to say intimate, fragrances steeped in authenticity for Chloé.

The essential elegance of flowers

A collection of single flowers with no frills, simple, legible, minimalist and generous. A flower, a name, a natural extract… the radiance of a flower that opens in top notes, blossoms in heart notes and takes root in base notes for an exceptional lastingness, faithfulness and trail, like a flower that would never fade. This unique olfactive signature allows to perfectly transcribe the persistent smell of fresh and lively flowers. 

Made to measure bouquets as if you were at a Parisian florist

Traditional fragrances have always been created like pre-defined flower bouquets, while Atelier des fleurs collection is an invitation to create your personalized fragrance bouquet, just as you would compose a bouquet at a Parisian florist's workshop The olfactive clarity of each single flower allows to mix them together endlessly in flowless combinations...

offer a bouquet- experience the French art of de vivre  In France, bouquets of flowers are offered to celebrate a special occasion, express an emotion or say thank you. It’s the perfect gift, a solid value.

FROM NATURE... Fresh flowers with extraordinary fragrances. Leaves with aromatic and woody accents. A thousand and one bouquets... Welcome to the Chloé floral workshop.

Chloe Atelier des Fleurs Bottles


Some love single-flower bouquets, while others prefer multi-colored creations. Just as you choose your favorite flowers at the florist's, you compose your personalized bouquet in the Chloé Atelier des Fleurs collection: The fragrances are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.  A main flower can be joined by one, two or three others... Each new fragrance adds its distinctive facets: green or spicy, fresh or honeyed, musky or powdery... Play with any composition imaginable until you achieve the ideal bouquet, just for you. The perfect accord, the unique accord.


Pure lines. Refined details. Subtle sophistication. The full spirit of the collection is reflected in a bottle that celebrates the timeless elegance of simplicity. This pleated glass bottle is topped with an ivory stopper that appears carved in stone. The neckband and trim of its beige label are strewn with gold. The original color of each fragrance shines through naturally, without artifice. The new fragrances are each available in two sizes (50 ml and 150 ml) for each fragrance, to facilitate the creation of custom olfactory combinations. The luxury of a tailored experience.

Chloé atelier des fleurs is exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati.

This Season, Find A Fragrance That's Uniquely You


This Season, Find A Fragrance That's Uniquely You