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Create Your Own Signature Scent At This Newly Opened Perfume Lab In QC!

These days, there has been a really interesting shift in the beauty industry whereby consumers are demanding a more tailored, personalized experience. After all, who doesn’t want a product that solves your needs, feels like your own and is uniquely yours?

Beauty brands are now realizing the importance of the fact that be it selecting a lipstick case or a custom bottle of moisturizer, customers are now, more than ever, wanting to know “how is this the right product for me?” 


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When it comes to fragrances, finding the scent you love can be a daunting experience. With so many choices out in the market today, it can really be hard to pin something down that feels precisely like, well, you. Luckily, Scent Studio by BC Fragrance, the Philippines’ first and only fragrance studio opened its doors to perfume entrepreneurs, fragrance lovers, as well as those who are just looking for a new hobby to get their hands on.


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In their perfume lab located at SM North Towers, you'll get to experience the art of crafting a scent. You'll also be able to explore and experience a variety of scents that can be a stepping stone into a new hobby, business, or leisure time activity. 

With the assistance of their staff, you can learn the art of profiling their scent, choosing the right notes to harmonize the overall smell profile, and eventually blend the perfect recipe to create a perfume. Here's the step-by-step process to do so:


Step 1: Customers must choose 3 fragrance notes—which includes the top, middle and base notes. The top note is responsible for the perfume's first impression. They are usually fresh and light to represent the story of the fragrance. Then there's the middle or heart note, where the foundation of any fragrance lies and usually makeup from anywhere 40% or 80% of the total scent. It's generally pleasant, mellow and balancing, middle notes are much more complex than the top notes. Lastly, the base note. This is the final note and only appears after the others have completely evaporated. They are often very rich and smooth and are the longest lasting of the three classes of notes.


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Step 2: Build the fragrance formula using the droppers provided. With the assistance of their staff, they will guide you with the amount of drops depending on the concentration that you like and what is pleasing to your senses. 


S?tep 3: Mix the formula in a 10ml glass vial. 


Step 4: Pour the perfume base into the formula then into the glass vial. 



Step 6: Create a name for your scent and affix the label onto the vial.


At the end of the workshop, you get to take home a 30ml perfume that you can name and label so you can do it again on your next class. 


Photos from Scent Studio