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Cristalle Belo Shares The Beautiful Effects Of Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Why not go for it when it can help you become a more beautiful, positive, and happier person?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has always been a taboo topic. You'd hear people whispering, “Did he get a nose lift?” “Did she get a botox?” “Her breasts just got bigger!”

But for Cristalle Belo-Pitt, the time has come for us to overcome this huge barrier of shame that stands in the way of cosmetic surgery if it’s something we believe would improve our quality of life. She sat down with Tricia Centenera for Talk With Tricia to chat about how cosmetic surgery is one of her ways to practice self-love and self-care.

Here are some reasons why Cristalle believes undergoing through cosmetic or plastic surgery can have beautiful and positive effects in your life.


A happier, more confident self

Many people turn to cosmetic surgery to fix a part of their body that they’re not particularly happy with. And sadly, in some cases, these physical insecurities have negative effects on the person’s well-being. It’s easy enough to say “love yourself” and “accept yourself,” but the truth is: the whole of society isn’t as kind. That’s why many people who feel that they’re not up to society’s standards of beauty tend to feel bad about themselves.

“A lot of people feel that cosmetic surgery or being aesthically conscious is a bad thing. But we want to show the world that doing these things can actually improve a person’s life,” says Cristalle.

One of the most inspiring stories of cosmetic surgery that Cristalle and Tricia talked about on the show is that of Bianca Valerio’s, a host, vlogger, and professional speaker. For most of her life, Bianca has always been fairly skinny. But life threw her a curve ball and she plunged into depression when her brother died. This led to her gaining weight in just a couple of years.

Image from @bianca_valerio

Cristalle says Bianca’s is one of the many stories of empowerment that they are blessed to see at Belo. The whole world saw how her transformation has enabled her to get back on her feet and start a new life. If cosmetic surgery can bring so much happiness and hope for a person, maybe it’s not so bad after all?


It’s about self-love

For Cristalle, one way of how she practices self-love is going for an appointment at Belo. For her, it’s as simple as “Going to Belo makes me happy.” And loving yourself or investing yourself in not necessarily a narcissistic thing to do. One of the tenets of yoga, which is a popular activity that promotes self-love, is that loving yourself enables you to spread that love to the world.

Cristalle says, “How can we give if we don’t make our cup full? So by prioritizing myself, then I am able to give to the world my best self.”

Image from @cristallebelo
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Welcome To The World, Hunter James Pitt!

It uplifts lives

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are usually used interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things. Cosmetic surgery is usually about enhancing one’s features like the usual face and body contouring, breast enhancement, or skin rejuvenation. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, repairs birth defects or deformations because of a disease or accident.

But the thing about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is that both can help improve a person’s life. For four years now, Belo has been working with Operation Smile, an organization who helps kids with cleft palates. And while it is possible to live a normal, pain-free life with cleft palate, imagine how much better the life of a person can be if she can have her cleft palate surgically corrected?

Image from @cristallebelo

“A smile is priceless. A beautiful smile can definitely change a child’s life,” said Cristalle in an earlier interview about Operation Smile.


Improve health

Some cosmetic and plastic surgeries can actually improve the patient’s health, too. Rhinoplasty, for example, can fix a person’s septum and help her breathe easier and have better sleep because it drastically reduces snoring. Liposuction, as well, have health benefits because it removes the excess fat from your body, which can improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which essentially reduces risk for heart conditions.

Cristalle herself shares that liposuction helped her adapt a healthy and active lifestyle. “After college, I was working out, trying to lose the baby fat in my abdomen area. And then my mom looked at me, ‘Cristalle, it will take you forever to lose that because in your dad side, they are really pear shaped. So that is your natural genetic makeup. So the only way to fix that is liposuction!’”

Image from @cristallebelo

And it turned out that her mom, Dr. Vicky Belo, was right. Cristalle said that she enjoyed being more active and exercising after liposuction because she felt lighter and found it easier to move. In the same way, overweight people who find it hard to get into exercising because of how hard it is to move their body can finally start working out if they get that bit of a boost, thanks to liposuction.


Do it for yourself

One thing that Cristalle and Tricia encourages people to do is to be honest about their goals and the way they want to achieve it. And if cosmetic surgery can help you get to where you want to go, own it.

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“Cosmetic surgery is a tool…a stepping stone. That’s not the goal; that’s not the end all be all. It’s just a tool for me to reach my goal,” says Cristalle. Because if that’s what works for you, do it. Do you and do it for yourself in the best that you can. Be honest about it and maybe you can inspire and empower other people, too, who want to do it and improve themselves.


If you haven’t yet, watch the full episode of Talk with Tricia with Cristalle Belo below.

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