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Tap That: This App Has All Your Beauty Needs Covered

Need a blowout? A manicure? Be sure to download this app to get your vanity needs done, STAT!

Amid all of its ever-increasing demands at work and our private lives, it’s important to avoid reaching a burnout point and maintain a sense of balance so we can consistently perform at our best. One way to recharge the body and mind is to pamper ourselves with a spa treatment at our favorite salon on our days off. There are times, however, that we have to wait a while to have our appointment confirmed or sit around before we can have a beauty expert attend to us.


If this is something you experience quite often, you’d be happy to know about Cutiefy—a top mobile platform for beauty and wellness in the Philippines that allows you to book salon, spa, aesthetic, and wellness services from available beauty establishments near your chosen location!

While there are a lot of apps in the market, what sets it apart is it hopes to answer the needs of beauty junkies out there. “It’s automated so when you book, you get into their system and get instant confirmation for appointment. They also put the availability of treatments in there so it automatically finds a space for you. What you see on the app is what is available,” says Suzanne Lopez, CEO of Cutiefy. “It looks at all the possibilities to make sure you have an appointment when you get there.”

Designed with the convenience of its users in mind, the app even allows you to book different services in one purchase and select a beauty expert available on your desired schedule. “You have your favorites, right? You don’t just want anyone to touch your hair so we added that in,” she continues.

The information you need on each salon and its services are likewise included in the app. “Especially if it’s a new salon, you have to make sure this is the salon you want that’s why there’s a lot of details on the salon, promos, and prices of its services so when you get there, you would know how much you’re going to pay,” Lopez adds. “You have what to expect—if they have parking, if they have net—it’s like a mini website for each salon.”


As if all of these weren’t impressive enough, Cutiefy not only focuses on fulfilling our beauty needs, but also #MakingLivesBeautiful for the marginalized. Aside from taking part in a community outreach last Christmas to help less privileged families, they have also partnered with churches for value formation as well as non-government organizations that support over 600 scholars around the Philippines. “We want to help put up dormitories so kids can stay there and they don’t have to travel back and forth to school,” concludes Lopez, saying paying it forward will always be included in their plans as the app continues to expand in the beauty industry.

The Cutiefy mobile app can be accessed on the App Store and Google Play for free.