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Metro Gift Guide 2019: Treat Your Friends to a Well-Deserved 
‘Spa-in-a-Tub’ Experience!

It's the perfect present for anyone needing a little bit of TLC during the holiday break!

Sometimes, shopping for your besties can be challenging. There’s a little bit of pressure to find the perfect holiday gift for them—after all the things you’ve gone through together this year, they deserve no less! 

Here’s a thought: why don’t you give them a relaxing treat this Christmas? Let’s face it, they’re probably having a tough time dealing with the crazy holiday rush and the even crazier traffic (while they’re looking for a gift for YOU!)  We’re pretty sure they’re downright exhausted!

And so after scouring online for the quickest way to give them all the pampering they deserve, we’ve found the holy grail of body scrubs—Dove’s Exfoliating Body Polish!

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish
Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

Why we love it

Dove’s Body Polish is practically a ‘spa-in-a-tub’! Formulated with invigorating exfoliators, it will surely leave anyone’s skin feeling smooth and renewed! And if you’re hesitant about the scrubbing, don’t be! What sets it apart from all the basic scrubs we’ve tried is that it nourishes your skin as it exfoliatessans the oily and pasty feels! 

It's infused with real pomegranate seeds!
It's infused with real pomegranate seeds!

Why your friends would love it

Seriously, don’t even get us started with its indulgent scent! The scrub is made with premium natural ingredients, and it comes in three variants: Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter, Kiwi Seeds & Cool Aloe, and Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk! It’s like feeding your skin with a dose of TLC!


Go ahead, do your friends a favor, and help them find respite during the holiday rush. If Dove’s Exfoliating Body Polish will give them that R&R they need, then let the glorious scrubbing begin!

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish is available here.