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Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Nose Jobs

Up to just recently, if you wanted to do work on your nose, such as to make it smaller or more refined, you would be limited to surgical rhinoplasty—a measure that would require quite a bit of care and downtime afterwards, as well as cost a pretty penny. However, with the rise of the injectable (a category that includes botulinium toxin and dermal fillers), it has been discovered hyaluronic acid fillers had another off-label use: the temporary nose job. 10-15 minutes to a better nose and zero downtime, the promise may sound too good to be true but it’s definitely possible, and the results? Simply amazing.

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“A temporary nose job is when you put fillers that are thicker on the nose,” explains Dr. Vicki Belo. “It’s very good for people who have no bridge, or wish to add around the tip to create a more pointy tip.” She adds that an ideal candidate is one with a nose that is regular sized but no bridge, with a rounded tip.

“The nose is the focal point of the face and any enhancement you make will also affect your overall look. A well-done nose can even create a more defined facial profile… A lot of people do it because they don’t want to undergo surgery. There’s no downtime for this one and you have immediately a bridge. One reason they give me is that they want to wear shades and not worry that it falls down, they just want it to rest there,” shares Belo. “Other people do it just to be able to see what they look like if they have their nose done. Before they commit to a more permanent solution, they want to see muna how it looks.” The results are equal parts astonishing and remarkable, and last for about a year until you need to do it again.



When it comes to temporary nose fixes, Belo recommends fillers over embedded protein threads, the latter of which can cause bruising and does have downtime of about a week or two. “It’s not ideal, especially for people who have busy schedules, and threads only last one year anyway. It’s the same length as the fillers and it’s much more complicated to do. To put too many threads, it stretches out the skin and when the threads melt, you have no choice but to do it again or at least, a permanent nose lift. With fillers, the nose doesn’t get stretched out too much—you just go back to your old self,” she smiles.

With the 15-minute nose job using fillers, the advantages are many: no bleeding, no bruising, and no downtime. However, it is not without some minor disadvantages. “There’s a little discomfort so we put numbing cream so the patient is more comfortable. You have to wait like 45 minutes for the numbing cream to penetrate before you actually do the filler,” explains Belo.

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“I would also like to emphasize to have it done by a doctor who does a lot of it because there could be complications. There are numerous blood vessels in the nose area, and if someone is not careful or does not know how to do it, they could enter a blood vessel and then the filler could cause [an] embolism. In our clinics, only the more senior doctors actually do it. Doctors who are less than five years in Belo are not allowed to do it.”

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Dr. Vicki claims that it is the perfect way to try the nose job and transform your face, if you’re not sure yet if you want to do it. She is conservative when she performs the procedure herself, and the doctors the Belo clinics are the same. “I do it in stages. I’ll put a bridge, I’ll put a tip, because it’s usually one syringe unless the nose is quite rounded, then it would require two,” she says. Patients are encouraged to rest about two weeks. When they come back and decide they want more, they just add. “It’s always good to start with less and then go up rather than put too much and then make it go down,” she explains.



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The fix is cheaper than having a nose lift, but if you decide to do it every year, it would become more expensive. And of course, fillers can still only do so much. “The advantage of a permanent nose lift naman is, once you’ve done it, it lives forever. It’s not like you have to take it out and then change it in a few years. It becomes totally part of your face,” says Belo. “If you’re young and you really want a nicer nose and profile, then you should consider doing a nose lift already, especially if you have a very wide nose, fillers will never be good enough for that.”


Lead photo via Unsplash. Special thanks to Dra. Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group