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Fighting And Preventing The Big “C” Involves Exploring New Healing Paths And Alternative Cancer Defense Methods

“In 1989, I went to the doctor for a regular checkup.  He discovered a small lump in my breast and wanted me to go immediately for a biopsy.  I went thinking it would be nothing, but the outcome was that I had a very fast growing type of cancer, and surgery was highly recommended immediately.  I can remember walking down the hall in my house, and fear hitting me so strongly that I felt like I was going to fall down.  My knees would actually feel as if they were going to buckle under me.  Every night when I went to bed, I had a hard time going to sleep.  Even when I did sleep, it was not a good, solid, restful sleep; it was a fitful sleep.  Every so often I would wake up, and there the fears would be pounding at my mind.” – Joyce Meyer, Christian author

It’s true what some say, that the fear of having cancer as a disease never takes hold until it’s truly yours…or a loved one’s.  The dreaded terminal illness lurks in the shadows as we gradually age.  If you aren’t pre-disposed genetically to having it the concern just might be less or merely a blurred subject on the horizon; you may decrease the danger by choosing the straight, active, and narrow lifestyle path but it still isn’t a guarantee. 


An elderly Filipina nun we encountered en route to Makati on a P2P bus (who has requested anonymity) had her own breast cancer plight.  This sister now lives cancer-free, but not unscathed.  At the age of 43 (she’s in her seventies now) she was scheduled for what was supposed to be a simple procedure for benign cyst removal, but what the doctor found would lead him to do an immediate mastectomy with the advice of her fellow sisters.  “I remember entering the hospital for a minor procedure… the doctor said I could even be an out-patient, but he convinced me to just stay overnight, be confined, and rest.  He was supposed to remove a benign cyst which was growing.”



“But lo and behold, when he opened me up, underneath the cyst was something else—very black—which fortunately had not yet metastasized.  He immediately did the frozen section and found it malignant—Stage 2 cancer.  The sisters were immediately informed and a quick decision was made while I was sedated on the operating table.  I regained consciousness without any suspicion of what had just transpired [a mastectomy], until the discomfort and pain caught up with me.  My doctor explained what he had to quickly do and I listened in full trust.”  Even after having gone under the knife for a full mastectomy without knowing she knew that it was a crucial medical concern that needed to be addressed right away and that she could rely on her doctor. 


“My [post-op] physical therapy was rigorous and painful because he wanted  me not to lose any momentum but to be able to go back to what was “normal” as fast as possible – meaning that my left hand (all lymph nodes were taken) must be able to do what my right hand could. That was certainly challenging, especially because of my low threshold for pain.  He followed me up rigorously.  I had monthly check-ups for a year, which later became quarterly, and eventually twice a year.  I had annual blood tests, X-rays, mammography, and complete bone scans.  The annual procedure lasted for 5 years, accompanied by my daily intake of Tamoxifen 20mg.  Later, the procedures were done every 2-3 years.”

While many make an effort to live purer lives for prevention, others roll out these days flashing YOLO with less lifestyle care and caution; eating whatever they please and/or indulging in a vice or poison of their choice.  There are a random few who manage to slip through unscathed by terminal illness while having their YOLO cake and eating it, too—but why gamble? 

Nobody wants the chance of a painful, crippling demise or even a temporary bout with cancer.  It even might simultaneously drain life, hope, and resources from family.  The power of cancer prevention or information on maintenance or treatment while dealing with the disease is more available to everyone today.  Coupled with added knowledge the pursuit of a longer life is a worthy cause to know more.  In the interest of presenting the existence of alternative methods for cancer treatment in a better light, online experts and some doctors banded together to produce a 9-part documentary series called the The Truth About Cancer. 



In Manila, Denise Celdran, owner of The Good Seed café, is also involved in the health industry but more in the department of alternative treatments and has been using the Truth About Cancer documentary videos as part of a pocket educational program she managed to offer to those interested.  “[We encourage] alternative healing modalities like homeopathy which is a 200 year-old German medical system as well as supplements so using phytonutrients.  I’ve encountered instances of cancer through the café because we have this ketogenic food delivery program which is good for people with cancer because it has no sugar and no carb.” 




“I’m an agriculture graduate so I run an organic farm as well.  This is an offshoot of what my degree was in Los Baños.  I’ve met a lot of clients who have needs aside from just food requirements because they don’t want to do chemo or they’ve done chemo and it hasn’t worked so the cancer has recurred.  Along with my teacher, Dr. Ivan Piccio, we put together a learning series (inclusive of The Truth About Cancer videos) for people to gain more knowledge and empower themselves.”  Just over the summer her arranged intimate talk at her café took place, but the resources used amongst those who gathered are fully available for free online which Denise was glad to share with us.  While learning from The Truth About Cancer channel hosted by researcher Ty Bollinger, we spotted a couple of relevant videos that for sure would pique anyone’s cancer preventive lifestyle interest; whether they are looking to avoid cancer or know someone in remission.  The channel has PLENTY more videos to learn from, but these we feel are stand out messages that just might help you consider making significant changes in your day to day way of living.


1. 6 Foods That Calm Anxiety - Laura Bond

It was Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby who once said “Any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure.”There are also steps to take through our diet to relieve any stress that might occur as we press against our daily grind.


2. The Best Cancer-fighting Essential Oils

A discussion with Dr. Eric Zielinski reveals that these essential oils are more than just a “tita” direct-selling fad; they may be more valuable in the realm of fighting cancer than we think.


3. 5 Ways To Easily Stay Cancer-Free

Dr. Erin Connealy discusses how cancer prevention—through the monitoring and managing of key aspects in your lifestyle—will improve your quality of life overall and give you a stronger chance of cultivating a cancer-prone environment in your body.


4. 6 Super Foods for Cancer Prevention - Dr. Robert Scott Bell

Beets, for example, and uncontaminated seaweed are just two of a number of superfoods you can consume more of to help increase your body’s immune arsenal against cancer.


5. 7 Keys to Prevent Aging and the Big C - Dr. Howard Fisher

Dr. Howard Fisher is 65 but doesn’t look it.  He has a straightforward way of putting it when it comes to pulling a 180 on your lifestyle to keep you safer from disease in general.