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5 Dos and Don'ts of Hair Care, According to Experts

Boost your hair and scalp health by following these professional advice

The last leg of the Metro Office Takeover this season took place recently, presented by partners Dove and Unilever Beauty and Wellbeing. It was held at the Cebu Pacific head office in Pasay City. Here, speakers were invited to give talks on different subjects such as style, hair and scalp health, well-being, and beauty.

Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber, a board-certified beauty expert who has earned her dermatology degrees in the Philippines and abroad, shared the dos and don’ts of scalp and hair health with the audience. A host of myths and misconceptions were debunked by the doctor, too, as she exposed truths behind hair issues like hair breakage, hairfall, and dandruff.

The Case for Shampoos and Conditioners: 7 Dos and Dont’s
Metro Office Takeover 4 at Cebu Pacific | Chelly Bulaon

One big no-no is being aggressive and tending to comb our tresses excessively, stimulating split ends and physical trauma. “You know the number one cause of trauma? Kakasuklay. The more you comb your hair, you are destroying your hair…‘Yung suklay mo, dapat wide tooth comb. Ang game changer for me was really brushing down first,” Dr. Mara prescribed.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Mara, styling the hair should be regulated by all means. “We have to make sure we’re taking care of our hair while we’re blow-drying. Mas maganda sana, before mo i-blow-dry, hindi basang-basa ang buhok.”

Mag-microfiber towel ka. ‘Yung towel, sinisipsip ‘yung wetness. And then nagda-dry nang kaunti‘Yung mga nagtatali ng buhok, nagcu-curl ng hair, always dry your hair first…As much as possible, six inches ‘yung blow-dryer from your hair to limit [the heat]. “Puwedeng ‘yung heat, i-regulate n’yo.”

As to why excessive wetting of the scalp and hair should be avoided, Dr. Mara added: “Grabeng maka-damage ang water, so you want to limit the amount of time na ‘yung buhok mo, basa. So anything na nagpapatagal na basa ang buhok, that is bad.”

As Dr. Mara walked us through some dos and don’ts of shampooing and conditioning, we have come to learn that a lot of stigmas surrounding the hair fall and anti-dandruff are truly prevalent. Scroll down to see what common concerns are being asked in beauty clinics during consultations:

The Case for Shampoos and Conditioners: 7 Dos and Dont’s
Metro Office Takeover 4 Host Erika Kristensen and Guest Speaker Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber | Chelly Bulaon

1. There are many types of shampoos and conditioners. What should I choose?

Since many of her patients are making a case for shampoo and conditioners, Dr. Mara shattered the false opinion of one-fits-all. “Makakakita ka, shampoo for curly hair, shampoo for limp hair, shampoo for volumizing. Lahat ng ‘yan, hindi imbento,” she asserted. “The hardest question for me [is] ‘doc, anong bibilhin kong shampoo?’ Ang dami kong gustong tanungin bago ko masagot kung anong shampoo ang bagay sa ‘yo.”

2. Should I shampoo my hair more?

Ang shampoo is meant for the scalp,” Dr. Mara started off, unveiling the proper usage of shampoo. “Ang point niya is maglinis, so it removes dead skin on your scalp, excess oil, and also, hair care products…Hindi kailangang iwan nang matagal ‘yung shampoo sa hair, unless it’s indicated. So kaming mga derma, sometimes, we treat dandruff. ‘Yung anti-dandruff products, minsan pinapaiwan namin for 15 minutes. But for regular shampoos, ‘wag na, guys.”

3. Does conditioning daily help my hair become better?

Lagi ‘tong tinatanong sa ‘kin…‘Puwede bang mag-conditioner na hindi nag-shampoo?’ Yes. ‘Puwede bang mag-conditioner before mag-shampoo?’ Yes,” Dr. Mara shared in her lecture segment. “Conditioner is for your hair. I always suggest, ears down. Pababa [ang application]. This is honestly, para sa ‘kin, the most important thing you can do for your hair. Hindi ito budol lang. Conditioning your hair helps it na nasusuklay mo nang maayos.”

4. Can conditioners make my mane softer and silkier?

As for Dr. Mara’s advice on conditioner application: “There is a way to soften your hair and that is where conditioners come in…Kung anuman ang tinanggal ng shampoo—kasi ‘di ba nga, the shampoo removes oil from your hair—ibabalik nu’ng conditioner ‘yun. It makes it manageable and it looks shiny. You have to leave it on for about one to three minutes. Nagde-detangle na ko sa shower pa lang…And then rinse it off completely.”

5. Should I combine shampoo and conditioner?

An age-old mystery is often asked in clinics—‘should shampoos with conditioners be used in one go? Often, we unconsciously bet on these going together, but Dr. Mara believes otherwise. “In all honesty, parang nahihinaan ako sa conditioner ‘pag nakahalo na siya sa shampoo,” the dermatologist opened. “It’s good siguro kung normal hair ka lang, pero kung dry ‘yung buhok mo or damaged, hindi kakayanin ng shampoo with conditioner. Always condition separately.”

There you have it, some scalp dos and don’ts for your hair! Over at the Dove Dermacare Scalp Clinic, dermatologist Dr. Drolah Sanchez shared her tips on taking care of the scalp.

One of the products featured in the booth is Dove’s Dermacare Scalp Hairfall Recovery for those suffering from hair fall and dandruff, it comes with Scalp Care Actives and Vitamin B3 which nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair for stronger, thicker-looking, and dandruff-free hair.

By making hair strong, you can prevent breakage and hair fall, which works well for those who have weak, falling hair, and also has a volumizing effect. With this, hair is more nourished and more beautiful.

The Case for Shampoos and Conditioners: 7 Dos and Dont’s

Then there’s also the Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Shampoo with Olacare Scalp Actives for those suffering from Dandruff and Dry scalp, Dove's scalp and skincare actives give you up to 3x scalp hydration and a 2x stronger scalp that's resistant to dandruff.

This product can relieve and soothe the itch that dandruff gives, plus hydrating dry scalp. It’s gentle enough to be used every day and is great for smooth, touchably soft hair. 

To learn more about Dove's Dermacare Scalp range and stay updated on upcoming events like the Scalp Clinic pop-ups, visit Dove's website and follow them on Facebook. #SwitchToCare and join us on the journey to healthier, stronger, and dandruff-free hair!

Banner photos by RDNE Stock Project via Pexels

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