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Heart Evangelista: Your New ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Icon

Top actress, host and fashion maven Heart Evangelista shares her bedtime routine and one of her important beauty secrets.


Do not underestimate (or sleep on) the beauty of getting enough ZZZZs.

Filipina icon Heart Evangelista, who recently made it as part of “Vogue 100” list and is 

well-known for her classic beauty, is a true advocate of getting enough sleep.

Heart says, “No matter how hectic our schedule is, if we have a complete sleep, it makes a whole difference. Even your skin is better and the way your skin glows.”

Just as fashion and beauty enthusiasts are curious about Heart’s beauty regimen, Metro.Style knows that the public is curious about what she does after a particularly busy day and gives us a glimpse on the actress’ bedtime routine.

Heart generously shares her bedtime habits to her ardent followers and fans.

Skincare Routine. Heart is a natural beauty, but she still deems it important to make a habit of taking care of one’s skin before going to sleep.

Snuggle with Panda. The actress’ love for animals is well-documented and so it is no longer a surprise that she finds time to be with her beloved aspin Panda before bedtime.

“Talk to my husband about our day.” Heart made it a habit to end her day by having quality time and conversation with her husband Sorsogon Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero. What a sweet way to kiss the day goodbye, right? 

Pray. She has always been consistent with her spirituality and while praying is a part of her morning routine, it’s also nice to know that prayer is also a part of her bedtime rituals.

“Listening to relaxing music while lying down on my comfy bed.” Heart’s legendary love for music continues on until she hits the bed. After all, her impressive resume includes being a MYX VJ and she has even recorded an album.

Heart’s bedtime routine leads to the goal of having restful, quality sleep. In this case, the actress added a valuable tip to those who also cherish getting some quality shuteye. She said that just as we invest on proper shoes and bags, “you have to invest on your bed.”

For Heart, the Uratex Premium Touch mattress offers a priceless five-star sleep experience. The best actress goes for the best mattress.

“It was really specifically made for people to relax and sleep well at night with its pocket springs and memory foam. I’m always on my high heels and very active [so it helps to come home to a mattress that helps] correct your posture and really relaxes your body,” Heart explains.

Heart continues that the Uratex Premium Touch Mattress gives her a hotel-like sleep.

“It really feels like you’re sleeping on a hotel every night. It just changes your body. It’s like sleeping and doing yoga at the same time,” she gushes.

Make it a daily goal to get enough quality sleep. To make it achievable, invest on a Uratex Premium Touch mattress.  Just like Heart, be a “sleeping beauty” and treat yourself to restful nights—it’s one of the best gifts you could give yourself this Christmas and beyond.