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Here Are The Five Fresh New Fragrances of Jo Malone London That You Should Be Investing In

Each year, Jo Malone London treats us to a quirky limited-edition range of perfume that explores intriguing scents. If you’re no stranger to the brand, you would never want to miss a new release. Their collections are always really fun.

This year, Jo Malone London brings us English Fields, a five limited collection fragrances inspired by cereals and grains, created by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui. Acros these five fragrances, Jo Malone London combines a few different notes to capturethe concept of grains, all housed within the prettiest pastel shades which are half smooth and half textured in the finish.

Let’s sniff through this unique little collection…


Poppy & Barley


Poppy & Barley. Alive with colour. #EnglishFields #FragranceCombining

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This one is simple, clean and effortless. Poppy & Barley blends violets with blackcurrant, barley, bran and white musk.


Primrose & Rye


Primrose & Rye. Filled with sunshine. #EnglishFields #FragranceCombining

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This fragrance will surely have you thinking of the sunshine! It  gives off a supple spicy character, measured by just the right amount of sweetness and powder.


Oat & Cornflower


Oat & Cornflower. Mouth-wateringly addictive. #EnglishFields #FragranceCombining

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Definitely the standout in the English Fields collection. A heavy dose of flour accented by a strong, nutty character, this scent gives off a fragrance with a fresh earthy scent.


Honey & Crocus


Honey & Crocus. Truly scrumptious. #EnglishFields #FragranceCombining

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Honey & Crocus is a plethora of sweetness with lavender, honey and almond milk. If you want to smell like a fresh honey from the beehive, this scent nails that aroma.


Green Wheat & Meadowsweet

This one is the real surprise, as it’s the freshest option in the collection. This scent is full of the joys of spring—crisp, fresh and soft.




Lead photos from @jomalonelondon