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How First-Time Mom Mariel Padilla Lost Her 40-lb Postpartum Weight in Just Eight Months

I am not a mother, but my work brings me close to dozens of them—remember our Hip And Happening Moms series?

And one thing I learned from the many mommies we’ve featured—a roster of stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, CEOs, social media influencers, and celebrities—is that motherhood isn’t a walk in the park. It isn’t as Instagram-worthy as we think it would be.

There’s the diaper change every two hours, the sleepless nights when the baby keeps crying, the Lego pieces one accidentally steps on, the temper tantrums one has to deal with, the breastfeeding struggle, and of course, the inevitable mommy weight gain…

The list could go on and on, but it is exactly these moments, no matter how little, no matter how challenging, that make motherhood priceless. And this is something celebrity-TV host Mariel Padilla believes in.

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“It’s true when they say that motherhood is the most tiring, most challenging, but at the same time, most rewarding job ever,” shares Mariel, who suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth in November 2016. She needed to eat a lot to be able to exclusively breastfeed her baby—making her hit 178 lbs in less than a year. But for the celebrity, it was a sacrifice any mother would do for her child, even at the expense of her own body.

“I’ve been taking care of myself for 32 years. What is one year to give what my daughter needs? She’s not going to need to be breastfed forever but she needs me now. So Isabella first, mommy later.”

The course she took wasn’t easy—especially since she was a victim of cyberbullying. “It really lowered my self- esteem. I didn’t want to go out, I couldn’t show myself to people. I turned down so many job offers and I couldn’t even take a picture with my baby,” she shared. “Here’s the thing: I wasn’t even that big while I was pregnant. I was heavier postpartum, and I was really sad. Nothing fit me, not even my shoes! At one point, I wanted to sell them all because just looking at them hurt me. Even my fingers got bigger—my rings didn’t fit me anymore.”

Frustrated with her weight gain, Mariel found the perfect slimming partner to help bring back her old self. “It was a dream come true! Marie France is perfect because it’s non-invasive and it goes with my healthy lifestyle.”

With the help of slimming treatments, Mariel lost 40lbs in just eight months—a huge feat!

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the first-time mom shares her struggles with postpartum weight gain.


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1. How was your postpartum journey?

Colorful but dark. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I had several miscarriages before I had Isabella, and it was very difficult pregnancy. I thought that when I’d finally had my baby, we’d have those beautiful mother-daughter photos where I was pretty and she was happy, but that wasn’t what happened. 

I didn’t have enough milk— but I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby. So I had to eat my way—and because of that, I got really big. It was a big sacrifice, but Isabella needed my milk. I am very proud that I was able to breastfeed her until she was 14 months old.


2. Were you bullied?

Yes! People would comment on my posts and say things like, “Wow! Grabe Mariel, ang loysang mo na!” “Ang taba mo na!”, “Mariel, dont forget yourself” and even, “Mariel, take care of yourself! Kung hindi, iiwanan ka ni Robin!” 

Ang dami sobra—and of course, those did not help. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know that I was already fat! Even after posting my transformation photo, I’m still being bullied until now. I am not saying that I am sexy—but I lost 40lbs and I am proud.



3. How did you get your body back?

At first, my pedia recommended that I should workout—but I was so tired. I was sleep-deprived. The last thing on my mind was to workout! Taking care of my baby is a workout on its own.

Then, she recommended that I try Marie France—she was a client herself! So I did. I started with my program last August, but the transformation didn’t happen overnight. It’s not like you go in and out, and after a few weeks, wow, you have Blake Lively’s body. It doesn’t happen like that.

I actually hit my biggest in November, because I was still breastfeeding and we couldn’t lower my food intake. When I was finally ready to lower my food intake, the transformation happened fast, because my fats were pulverized already. 

While I was breastfeeding, we had to choose treatments that didn’t affect my breastmilk—so I couldn’t do ones with radio frequency. But now, since I am not breastfeeding anymore, that’s what I’m doing.



Today was my official launch as @mariefranceph ‘s latest success story!!! I brought @mariaisabelladepadilla with me because really this was our journey together. If not for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would like to thank the whole team for our launch I really appreciate it. Bringing together the moms who like me was helped by Marie France to get back to their ideal weight or even sexier like @mikaelamartinez @kellymisa @issalitton ???? so to all the moms out there do not lose hope “kaya pa yan!!!” Visit the nearest Marie France branch nearest you (There are 11 soon to be 12 branches). Thank you to my Makati branch for being there today and making me alaga since day 1. Special thanks to @mkqua @myrrhlaoto @renzpangilinan @lightshinewhite for giving me that extra “umph” today ?? and to my @asianartistsagency and @bettinaspillaga love love you guys!!! Big shoutout to my ever supportive husband @robinhoodpadilla who wanted to hold another press conference for me just to show how proud he was of my transformation hehe i love you ?? i say it all the time i still have 15lbs to go but we are so proud of the over 40lbs that i lost with help of the best @mariefranceph #Mariel40poundsAfter #MarielGotMarieFranced #SayYestoMarieFrance

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4. How long did it take?

A long time. It didn’t happen overnight! You need to be matiyaga. I really allotted time: I went there thrice a week. I started in August, and I started feeling good about myself in February. We did the photoshoot by March!


5. Did you accompany this with a diet?

I eat healthy. It’s about portion control. I always eat organic food, even during my biggest phase. There was even a time I was doing dairy-free! It was just that I was eating a lot of it (I needed to in order to produce milk), that’s why I got big. You can’t expect to eat so much and lose weight.

6. Did you workout?

No, I did not workout, but I was still active because I was taking care of my baby. I was running around and carrying her everywhere. I wasn’t dormant!


7.  What are your tips for moms who want to feel good?

It’s okay, it’s super normal. You’re not alone. Motherhood is really hard. We’re with you. I guess the tip that I can honestly give is to go to a Marie France branch. Just tell them your story, and they can work out a program that is suitable for you, because that’s what I did, and it worked. 

Also, slowly get back into your old beauty routine. I know that at one point you really won’t be able to—when I felt really bad, I couldn’t even moisturize my face. But just try to slowly get back into it.



8. What’s your message for people who bully moms who have gained weight?

People are mean, but I believe in karma. The last thing that a postpartum mother needs is to be bullied. They’re going through a lot—especially first-time moms who try to juggle and understand what motherhood is! Motherhood isn’t something you read from books, it’s something you experience and live out. No one is going to teach you exactly how motherhood is like. It’s the best journey.


9. Speaking of mothers, what’s a beauty tip you learned from your mom?

Moisturize! My mom would always put oil on her body, even at the peak of summer. She would put petroleum jelly at one point! Grabe, imagine! Sobrang lagkit, but she would do that. I can’t do the petroleum jelly, but because of her, I learned to moisturize.

Finally, always remove your makeup when you sleep. And when you don’t have to wear makeup, don’t! Let your skin breathe.


Want to see more pictures of Mariel's amazing makeover? View the gallery below!



Photos courtesy of @marieltpadilla and Marie France