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It’s Beginning To Smell Like Christmas: Pick The Right Scent For Your Man

Whenever the ‘-ber’ months roll around, we'll inevitably have to face Christmas shopping. Whether we wisely indulge in early bird shopping to avoid the rush; or are too busy to do that, and end up with the frantic last minute scenario - we may be confronted by those Sales people who populate the Cosmetics & Fragrances section of our Department stores. And let’s face it, that can be an easy option, they’re ready to wrap the gift up quickly, and we’re done! But it is also good to know what’s out there, and match our gift choice with the person we intend to give it to. 

This especially holds true when the fragrance is intended for a guy. By nature, we are creatures of habit and don’t shift scent that easily. But if some thought was placed in making the selection, I know most men would be ready to explore, as long as it’s not them having to do the searching and testing. 

So here are four that are very worth checking out:


Boss The Scent Intense for Him

Highly masculine, memorable, and powerful, thanks to it’s higher oil concentration. More for the nighttime as heady, and lasts long, with strong silage. The Fresh & Spicy Top notes are Ginger and Green Cardamom, while the aphrodisiac Maninka Fruit is the Middle note, and the base is a burnished Leather accord with Vanilla added.


Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme

This one is a modern declaration of self-expression and emancipated sexuality. It’s different, one-dimensional, but pure. Avant-garde leather fragrance is the head, while the heart is patchouli and Vetiver, with cypress and golden wood as base. Very earthy and masculine; akin to a Leather armchair that’s had cigars smoked on it, and bourbon spilled. 


Dunhill Century


CENTURY The interplay of shape, clear glass, liquid and light. Introducing dunhill Century #Fragrance #dunhillCentury

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Clear and transparent with a deceptive lightness. Subtle layer of elegance, that doesn’t overpower. My favorite; and it works in the daytime as well.  Citrus freshness of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin for the top notes, spicy middle notes of neroli, Cardamom and Olibanum, and base notes of sandalwood, musk and Cypriol. I loved this one because it’s truly unique as a man’s scent, so untraditional.


L’Homme Lacoste Eau de Toilette

Definitely more a daytime fragrance, it’s athletic and energetic, classified as woody-spicy. Top notes of mandarin essence, sweet orange, quince and rhubarb, with heart notes of black pepper & ginger, with Jasmine & Almond, and a base of vanilla, cedarwood, akigalawood and dry amber. A lot of different notes in this accord, but they blend nicely for a light, fresh fragrance. If the gift is intended for a younger person, like a nephew, this one is an ideal choice.

As I said earlier, it pays to put some thought into choosing a male’s fragrance, as these fragrances often have personalities that we can match with the one it’s intended for. From young, to sporty, to mature, to more for the daytime or nighttime, we can make the gift count, and be better appreciated.