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This Summer, It's Time To Try The Art Of Fragrance Layering!

As it continues to deepen its expertise of creating personalized fragrances that its wearers will love for a lifetime, perfume maker Jo Malone London invites everyone to partake in the next chapter of its 25-year-long history: the launch of its limited edition collection, Wild Flowers and Weeds.



Used on their own or layered with Jo Malone's classic scents to complement its most standout notes, this special set of five fragrances are sure to captivate. 



Introducing Wild Flowers & Weeds. A new limited edition collection of wildly-wonderful fragrances. #WildlyWonderful

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Following in the footsteps of last year's quirky English Fields collection, Wild Flowers & Weeds exudes a much more sensual and bohemian aura.


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Included in the collection are fragrances like Willow & Amber (woody, smokey), Cade & Cedarwood (spicy, vanilla-laced), Nettle & Wild Achillea (tangy, subtly musky), Hemlock & Bergamot (powdery, crisp), and Lupin & Patchouli (luxurious, vibrant).



To get to know these fragrances better, reflect on the image of a barefoot beauty curiously and silently exploring the meadows around her quaint hillside cabin in the early morning, running her fingers through freely growing flowers and tall lucerne grass with only the melodies of songbirds and rustling of leaves to sing to her as she goes on a personal adventure—this is the personality of the Wild Flower and Weeds collection. 


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Join us on a fragrant voyage. Something wild and wonderful is on its way… #WildlyWonderful

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To capture this sensory experience through the fragrances, the brand recommends enjoying the following pairings: 


Willow & Amber with Cade & Cedarwood

Both of these fragrances are defined by smokey notes that are best enjoyed by those who consider scent as part of their accessoziring repertoire. It's certainly one of the bolder combinations in this collection, a lovely option to consider when off to an evening of formal affairs that require one to dress in their finest. 


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Nettle & Wild Achillea and Hemlock & Bergamot

Sunny days are never far away with the meeting of these fragrances. After all, it's the freshness of their floral notes that make them go so well together, their combination resulting in a feminine fragrance that's outgoing yet poised, delicate but not lacking in personality. 



Cade & Cedarwood with Lupin & Patchouli 

Here's a fragrance for those in search of a grounding scent, one that helps its wearer connect to their center. As the depths of patchouli bring to mind the richness of the earth and cedarwood's sweet woodiness stirs a closeness to all that breathes and lives, emotions are calmed and calibrated and distractions are eliminated. 


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Lupin & Patchouli with Willow & Amber 

Every woman loves a fragrance that starts to smell of her own scent as the day goes on. While all fragrances do adjust to one's body chemistry, this particular combination does this quite well. Its scent's maliability allows distinct signature floral notes to remain while adjusting to their wearer, all the while bringing out the natural warmth of amber and the unmistakable aroma of patchouli. 



Images from Jo Malone London