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Kelsey Merritt Proves That Stretch Marks Are Nothing To Hide

In a world where photos can be altered and photoshopped to create an Instagram-worthy picture, isn’t it refreshing when a celebrity/model breaks the mold to embrace their flaws and imperfections instead? Admittedly, showing them off is a difficult feat—whether it’s cellulite, stretch marks, or skin imperfections—because at a young age, women are often fed with the thought that the natural (and totally unavoidable) consequences of growth, weight gain, or pregnancy are something to be hidden away. However, we live in a day and time where such "imperfections" are embraced, if not, celebrated. Now, more people understand and finally accept that our bodies are not flawed—they’re human. 

If you need encouragement to reveal that more honest picture of yours on social media, look no further than Metro.Style’s cover girl, Kelsey Merritt. 



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Kelsey has long been a believer of body positivity. Her Instagram, which boasts an impressive 427k followers, consists of mainly bikini pics on breathtaking beaches, beauty selfies and lots of style inspirations showing off some #selflove. This supermodel has proven over time that when it comes to women’s bodies, real is beautiful. Just recently, she even shared a photo of her butt cheeks with the caption, “Stretch marks are sexy. Say it with me.” 



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This kind of self-love is nothing new for Kelsey. As we can all remember, she first posted a photo of her flaunting those stretch marks a few months ago, where a lot of celebrities and personalities such as Iza Calzado, BJ Pascual, Vania Romoff and more supported by commenting on the said post.



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Moments like this aren’t only refreshing, in fact, they’re also changing the way we see ourselves. Despite the negative effects social media has imposed on the unrealistic standard placed on both men and women around what their bodies should look like, simple things like this bring awareness to the issue. And now, it's good to see that more people are embracing all different kinds of bodies, and that’s something we can jump on board with.

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Lead photos via Kelsey Merritt