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Which Kenzö Flower Are You?

Violet, Rose, or Gardenia? Which flower best reflects your personality?

Kenzō Takada passed away on October 4th, 2020 from complications of COVID-19, while hospitalized at the American Hospital in Paris. He was 81 years old. With his death, we lose one of the pioneers, one of the guiding lights, for talent and creativity in the fashion world being recognized no matter from where in the globe one came from. The Kenzö brand carries a lofty reputation in apparel, perfumes, and skincare products; and in his later years, he dabbled in the world of Home furnishings.

Kenzō Takada

Sailing from Japan in 1965, Kenzö first opened shop in Montmarte in 1970, after five years of struggling in Paris. His first flagship store was erected in 1976. Since 1993, his brand has been owned by LVMH, recognition of how Kenzö married high design with strong commercial potential. He was awarded the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1984; and made a Chevalier, Legion of Honour in 2016. In his home country Japan, he’s been bestowed the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 1999, and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 55th Fashion Editors’ of Japan Awards in 2017.

We can be thankful that in the world of Fashion today, the equity of these iconic designers live on beyond their lifetimes—witness how the legacies of Coco Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Kate Spade, and now Kenzö Takada, carry on.

His Flowers by Kenzö, launched in 2000, is listed by Vogue as one of the best classic perfumes of all time. Back then, it was about bringing a flower forth in the city, bursting through the concrete, and infusing the city air with its magic. And on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary, the line has been reinvented and invigorated - with three distinct scents that help you define what kind of Kenzö woman/flower you are.

Add to Cart: New Fragrances We're Treating Ourselves To Right Now


Add to Cart: New Fragrances We're Treating Ourselves To Right Now

Violet, Rose, or Gardenia? Which flower best reflects your personality? Between the colors Poppy Red, Flashy Pink, and Bright Coral; which would you lean towards? And if you were a delectable treat, would you be a Pear, Vanilla, or a Mandarin Orange? Do you wear a fragrance to make yourself happy? To adorn yourself? Or to reveal yourself? Answering the above will help you discover which new Flower by Kenzö speaks to you most eloquently.

Poppy Bouquet

The Poppy Bouquet is subtle and different. It's surprising, fruity as much as floral—there’s a top note of Nashi Pear, floral heart notes of Gardenia and Bulgarian Rose, and an Almond Wood base. It’s a fruity-floral that’s understated, and heralds a redefining of how a Flower is constructed. It's happiness bottled up, and waiting to be released, and shared.

Kenzö Eau de Parfum

The Kenzö Eau de Parfum is floral but restrained. Its top note accord is Bulgarian Rose, and Pink Bay (berries). Vanilla lies at its middle, and White Musk serves as the bottom note. As a result, there’s a distinct powdery, yet powerful, cloud created by this fragrance. This is the Flashy Pink signature scent that adorns your person, and lingers with telling presence.

Eau de Vie

The Eau de Vie is lighter and fresh. Its powdery aspect never overstays its welcome. The citrusy top notes of Orange Blossom and Ginger Zest, are followed by a heart of Gardenia and Bulgarian Rose, with the sensual Tonka Bean acting as the base. This is the one that reveals itself, a near transparent shimmer that takes you from daytime to night with ease.

With Kenzö, a flower isn’t just a flower. It’s an expression of a woman’s individuality, of her persona and zest for life. Kenzö recognizes how this can be defined differently for each woman, united by their approval of what the brand has provided. Which Kenzö Flower are you?

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