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Kim Chiu Shares Her Secret To Losing Tummy Fat

No one can ever be “too busy” to lead a healthy and active life. That much is proven by actress Kim Chiu, who manages to make time for workouts, running races, and her family despite her very busy schedule.

It’s been a year since Kim Chiu has started taking on a healthier and more active lifestyle and she’s been running and finishing marathons and duathlons ever since. One of her most recent duathlon finishes was the Pilipinas Duathlon Series Leg 1 held last February 25 in Clark, Pampanga, where Kim had to run 4 kilometers, and then bike for 25 kilometers, and run again for another 4 kilometers.



During the brand ambassador launch of Berocca, where Kim and Paulo Avelino were revealed as the newest ambassadors of the brand, Metro.Style was able to ask Kim about her daily fitness routines and secrets to keeping a healthy and beautiful body.

Not many people are privy to the fact that Kim actually has a history of asthma. Asthmatic people tend to a have a more difficult relationship with physical activities since they are limited by the amount of fatigue their bodies can handle.

Kim proves that being asthmatic should not be a hindrance for anyone who wants to lead a more active lifestyle. Actually, being active helped her a lot to overcome her own limits. Kim shares, “When you do mga physical activities, nasasanay na rin ’yung lungs mo, eh. And then nage-expand na rin siya on its own. Now, seldom na lang ’yung attacks.”

And always bring your inhaler, Kim adds. “I always bring my inhaler whenever I join races so I always have that in my belt bag.”

Staying fit for her work and her marathons is not easy but Kim has found her passion for different physical activities like muay thai, Pilates, and running, which helps her stay in shape. Not many would believe it, but like other girls, Kim admits that she struggles with trimming down her belly fat, as well, because she loves to eat.

“I love chips!” Kim gushes. “Walang diet. I eat all I want and I pay for it sa workout. Balance lang.”



For shedding tummy fat, Kim suggests spinning (indoor cycling). “I do spinning sa house, I watch ’yung mga indoor spinning videos sa Youtube, meron du’n 30 mins to 2 hours so it depends sa time na meron ako.”

And on top of the cycling, the secret to making sure you’re losing that tummy fat, Kim reveals, is using a training waist binder. “It really helps…to add more sweat sa tummy area which is really stubborn fats para sa mga girls.”



Kim has really embraced the active lifestyle and she reveals that during the rare days that she gets a day off from work, she does at least three kinds of workouts throughout the day.

Starting out is always the hardest, especially when you’re trying to lose weight and become active. Kim’s advice: In every exercise or workout that you do, hold out until the 8th minute mark and you’re good to go.

“Usually, ’pag nagwo-workout ka naman the hardest part is the first 8 minutes. ’Yun talaga ’yung struggle mo if you stop or if you keep going. ’Pag nalampasan mo na ’yung first 8 minutes, magugustuhan mo na mag-run or mag-bike. Lagpasan mo lang ’yun and you’ll be fine.”



Photos from @chinitaprincess