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Lauren Reid On Beauty And Body

It isn’t every day that great opportunities come your way. For 24-year-old Lauren Reid, an “introduction” to the public via Instagram by way of her superstar brother, James, provided an opening that she knew she had to grab.

Within months, Lauren became a social media superstar, featured in magazines and websites, landed a gig hosting Miss World Philippines 2016, and has been dubbed as one of the next generation’s ‘It’ girls. So what’s next for this Filipina-Aussie beauty? No one can really predict just yet, but we feel she has enough up her sleeve to surprise everyone.


On her definition of beauty: “It's cliché but true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

On her beauty ritual: “Eat well, sleep well. If you nourish and rest yourself properly, your body and face will reap the beauty benefits!” 

On her beauty must-haves: A quality lip balm, mascara, and brow pen! 

On how she keeps herself fit: “I remind myself that I have only one body, one vessel to take me through this life from the start to the end. I want to enjoy this ride called 'life' in the healthiest, fittest, and most enjoyable vehicle possible!"


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On her indulging habits: “With food? I indulge in chocolate! Chocolate is my weakness, and icy treats like halo-halo and ice cream.” 



This article was originally published as “The Lady Reid” by Anzenne Roble in the Metro Magazine November 2016 issue.

Photographs Gerry Robinson
Makeup Mac Igarta for NARS
Hair Rhod Rubia
Special thanks to Elaine Carag and Caryl Paraico