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Look! Chanel Releases A Series Of Mini-Films Starring Four Modern-day Women

What better way can we welcome 2018 with Chanel’s brand new campaign called CHANCE. ­It’s a series of four playful mini-films starring Angela Yuen, Selah Marley, Belen Chavanne, and Lily Newmark, interpreted by award-winning Canadian director Eva Michon. Set in the picturesque cityscape of Venice repping each element of Chanel Chance, the campaign shows us each muse’s narrative through a circular lens. Artistically shot like a visual invitation, discover which Chance is your destiny by checking out all these mini films.

The sensual floral fragrance of the original Chance blends notes of jasmine, pink pepper and amber patchouli, perfectly represented by the daughter of singer Lauryn Hill, Selah Marley.


Delicate and radiant, the unexpected fruity floral fragrance of Chance Eau Tendre, Hong Kong-born actress Angela Yuen chooses this scent cause it perfectly sweeps into a soft whirlwind of happiness and fantasy.


Launched in 2007, the man behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge. Top notes are lemon and cedar, middle notes are pink pepper, water hyacinth and jasmine, base notes are teak wood, iris, amber, patchouli and white mask, bursting with freshness, Chance Eau Fraiche is model/actress Belen Chavanne’s choice.


This vibrant floral scent, providing citrus splash to elegant jasmine and white musk. Lily Newmark displays a contagious vivacity that reflects the zesty fragrance of Chance Eau Vive.

Lead photo courtesy of Rustan's The Beauty Source