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Loveluxe Beauty Is All About Affordable, Daily Luxury

Lifestyle luxury consultant Aimee Hashim lets us in on her passion for all things luxurious, including her newest beauty and wellness line.

Aimee Hashim is no stranger to the luxury game. With over 15 years of lifestyle consultancy under her belt, having attended Chanel shows at Paris Fashion Week in the past and acing the luxury fashion business (LoveLuxe Bags), she's back with more passion, this time not just for luxury fashion, but beauty as well. The twist though, is that she launched her beauty brand Loveluxe Beauty minus the hefty price tag. It's affordable luxury at its best. 

Aimee Hashim

We spoke with Aimee to learn more about her newest baby, and why you, too, should get in on these little daily luxuries. 

Metro.Style: Tell us about your beauty brand. What made you decide to come out with it?

Aimee Hashim:  Loveluxe Beauty is a new line I put up as I give back after 15 years of being in the lifestyle consultancy business. People who have been following me for years, especially those who are starting out and want to have something from Loveluxe [luxury bags and accessories] will often message me saying they want to avail something from me but still have to save up more. Some even encouraged me to have my own merch. I have been thinking of doing this for quite a while but since the pandemic I have decided to pursue my masters degree first. Now that I have finally earned my degree, I realized it’s finally the time to put something out—still under the Loveluxe brand but can reach a lot more people aspiring to have something luxurious that won’t break the bank.

Loveluxe Beauty lipsticks
Loveluxe Beauty eye makeup products

MS: What is the main goal of your beauty brand? What core values do you believe in?

AH: I’m all about embracing your real beauty. I believe we are all beautiful. I love to help people realize that it doesn’t take a lot to do so. I believe in drinking the good stuff, having minimal but good products will help people achieve this. I only came up with products that I personally use as well, especially since I am known for my makeup-free look. I want people to also have the confidence to flaunt their beauty every time at any time. 

Loveluxe Beauty Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

MS: Tell us about the existing lineup of products. What is each one for? What is your current bestseller?

AH: I’ll talk about the favorites, as we have a number of products that are out in the market. 

  • We have the crowd favorite, the 3-Step Lip Care set - its a scrub, lip mask and lip oil in one packaging. All the ambassadors like this! 
  • The Gold Soap is known for its healing and anti-aging properties, plus it can also help even out your skin tone. Formulated in Japan. Packed with collagen, essential oils, kojic acid, and glutathione. It’s an all-in-one soap. My mom who used to have melasma had hers lightened after continuous use of this. 
  • The Lipstick - we call it the MLBB My lips but better, it’s the perfect shade of nude pink that looks like your natural lips only better! Even our ambassadors really like it! You can see this on Mariel Padilla’s TikTok often! 
  • The Beauty Juice - I really take pride in this. It’s halal, FDA-notified and have yet to be known in the market. It was originally called the anti-acne juice, but we didn’t want to make it sound like we are claiming anything since of course it’s not medicine or anything like that. I really take pride in this product as this is made with all premium ingredients. Again, I usually don’t do a lot of skin preps or routines so what I did was I took note of all the premium ingredients we often use for skin care and put it into one delicious drink! There’s hyaluronic acid, heartleaf, biotin, oral sunscreen, collagen, glutathione, and vitamin c! Plus, it’s such a refreshing drink! It tastes like lemonade. 

Mariel Padilla and Aimee Hashim with the Loveluxe Beauty Juice

MS: Why should Filipinos try your products?

AH: I had only one thing in mind while developing the products, I wanted to provide good products that won’t hurt the pocket of the consumers. Being in the luxury industry for 15 years now, I want them to have the luxury feel and experience while being affordable too.

MS: What should we look forward to when it comes to your brand?

AH: I still have a lot of projects in mind to help the people not only be beautiful but also achieve good health while at it. I have a list of drinks and gummies that are under R&D that we plan to release real soon. I already have one in particular that just needs to be finalized but have let some friends try already. It’s a PCOS gummy. Being a nurse, it also is important for me to make sure the ingredients are right and are scientifically backed up with lots of study. I personally use this and have helped me too! Soon, I’d love it when more women who have this problem have an additional option to consider to help them ease their stress brought about by this condition. Again, this is just one of the many exciting things I have been working on. 

Loveluxe Beauty at the Metro Office Takeover

Recently, Loveluxe Beauty was gracious to have been our beauty partner for the third leg of the Metro Office Takeover which took place at Concentrix Bridgetown. It was well-attended with over 200 guests, and employees were treated to lots of informative talks on beauty, fashion, and wellness. Each one also got to take home a wonderful Loveluxe Beauty goodie bag to help them get started on their beauty & wellness journey! 

Loveluxe Beauty at the Metro Office Takeover

Interested in trying Loveluxe Beauty for yourself? Shop here. You may also follow them on TikTok Shop. Follow them on Instagram for more updates.

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