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Men, What's Your Scent Personality?

It's true what they say—a nice scent on a man's skin is an instant turn on for the ladies. A whiff of fresh and clean, or rich and sexy is a lure for attraction, and smelling great adds to an irresistible charm. Your daily scent also reveals who you are, thus making it easier for people around you to know more about you are as a person. Are you a laidback guy, or an adventurous one? A jolly person, or a little bit of a romantic?

Your scent is a tease, that's why it's important to pick the right bottle for you. Let your personality lead you to your perfume match. As European fragrance brand STR8 launches in the Philippines with Edward Barber as its newest ambassador, it's easy to find the one that suits you best. What's your fragrance personality? Find out here.



The thrill-seeker

You have an immense craving for the fun and wild, your friends can always spot you cruising unchartered territories, or riding the waves. With unmatched energy to try everything the world has to over, there are endless discoveries that you look forward to.

Your match: SRT8 Adventure


The ultimate gentleman

You look dapper in every outfit you wear. Ladies swoon whenever you pass by. There's an aura of confidence and self-assurance that people admire you of. You're a man with a purpose, thus captivating the hearts of many in a heartbeat, like this rich fragrance. 

Your match: STR8 Hero


The laidback dude

You're chill. You take your time with things -- you never rush and keep things in a steady pace. But most of all, you pride yourself in living life the way you want it. No drama attached, like this cool and crisp scent.

Your match: STR8 Live True


The go-getter

You're dead set on reaching your goals. You thrive in your seat and act like a boss —'cause you are the boss of your life. You move forward with greatness, and you're an unstoppable force wherever you set your mind to be. This scent is your extra boost.

Your match: STR8 Ahead


The life of the party

You're friends with everybody, and everybody obviously loves you. A ray of sunshine to your peers, a day isn't complete without putting smiles on people faces. You're a natural charmer, and this citrusy scent adds more happy vibes to your groove.

Your match: STR8 Rise


The OG

You're a classic. You keep things neat and orderly. You're running a daily routine. You're smart and collected. And even though you might follow a certain protocol, your image isn't tainted by sneaking a few exciting things on your to-do list. You can't be truer and more genuine to yourself, and this scent is a whiff of this fact.

Your match: STR8 Original


The driven 

There's no obstacle too hard for you. Achieving your aspirations gives you the thrill like no other, so you push yourself to the limits and not look back. You are deeply passionate and this fragrance will set your passion ablaze.

Your match: STR8 Red Code


Lead photos from @edward_barber. Product photos from STR8 Philippines