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Metro Gift Guide 2019: Here Are Fragrances You Can Give The Men In Your Life

Consider this the guide for making the scent-sible choice!

‘Men are by nature such creatures of habit that they’ll stick to one scent for decades; and purposely miss out on what’s out there.’

If you left it to the men who use them, the one Eureka moment when they ‘like’ one particular men’s fragrance, will often have them hooked for life. And when I say ‘like’, I qualify that with how, quite often, it’s not even a true subjective choice; but spurred by something like a girlfriend liking it, or a favorable comment coming from someone who means something to the guy.

Create Your Own Signature Scent At This Newly Opened Perfume Lab In QC!


Create Your Own Signature Scent At This Newly Opened Perfume Lab In QC!

Men are creatures of habit and are lazy to test new scents—if it’s a gift, fine; but don’t expect many to invest time at the department store testing new men’s scents and fragrances. And that is a shame; as ultimately, any scent will react to a person’s body in its own unique manner. Silage and dry down of any scent can only be ascertained when it’s tested on your own body.

Given that is the reality of the situation, what follows can serve as a rough guide as to what is out there and can help you if you’ll be getting a gift for the men in your life; or for the guy to make some filtered choices when they visit the department store counters, or dedicated shops, and cut down on the time spent there.

These Iconic Scents Are Finally in Manila!


These Iconic Scents Are Finally in Manila!

Here are four fragrances that I’d submit for your consideration; two are scents that are 2019 launches, while the other two have a track record and elicited favorable responses:

Dunhill Century

With top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin, & Grapefruit, Middle notes of Neroli, Cardamom and Olibanum, and bottom notes of Musk, Sandalwood, & Cypriol. Which makes this a fruity/woody combination; light and citrus-y at the start, but with a spicy heart, and a musky, woody base that lasts. This comes in a bottle shaped like the iconic dice bottles that speak of the dunhill heritage as the design first came out in 1934. It’s classic formulation given a modern twist, and has been very popular since it first came out.

Givenchy Gentleman Cologne

Not to be confused with the Gentleman Eau de Parfum, or the original Eau de Toilette, this is a 2019 variant that is daring and inspired. The dominant notes in descending order are Lemon, Rosemary, Iris, and Vetiver; with Bergamot and Petit Grain thrown in as top note additions. Thanks to the powdery Iris notes, some have even called this a unisex scent, with women possibly taking this and keeping it for themselves; but make no mistake, this one was designed from the man who isn’t afraid of being unique—and it's my favorite among the four!

Kenzo L’Eau Kenzo Pour Homme

This one has been branded Aquatic Citrus, with a top note of Yuzu, a heart composed of Lotus Leaf and Frosty Mint, and a Base of Cedarwood and White Musks. The result is one that can be worn in the daytime without leaving too strong an after-scent. It’s the most natural, light-hearted scent of the four and yet manages to be exotic and unique. With our tropical climate, this is the one most appropriate, sending off a subtle whiff and not a fragrance that calls too much attention to itself. For the confident man who loves understatement.

Nautica Voyage Heritage

Here is the one that most economically priced without sacrificing statement. Promising freshness and masculinity, this one is about aromatic notes with a novel take on the ‘woody base’. It opens with Peppermint, Rosemary Oil and Bergamot, then Lavender, Vetiver and spicy Ginger for the middle, and all anchored to the Amber, Guaiac Wood and Sandalwood. This one is packaged in such a manner that nautical elements abound. With Nautica’s signature Double Yellow stripe encasing the ‘blue juice’ that lies within. This is a 2019 fragrance.

The four fragrances all have a Citrus touch to them, but they’re utilized in diverse manners. Some are more playful and dominant, like the dunhill and Givenchy; while the other two, Kenzo and Nautica, have the Citrus notes accentuating in a playful manner. What is interesting as how the four are very different from each other, speaking to very distinct individuals - only by ‘conversing’ with them will you discover which one speaks to you best. 

All available at Rustan's