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Louis Vuitton Has Launched Two New Additions To Its Men's Fragrance Collection.

Discover LV’s new fragrance for men--Météore and Nuit de Feu


In 2018, with L'Immensité, Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur la Route and Au Hasard, Parfums Louis Vuitton set out to conquer new olfactory territories dedicated to men, the emotions they experience while traveling and their taste for adventure and escape. Today, the collection has been enriched with a sixth, exceptional composition by the House’s Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, crafted in his creative atelier in Grasse. 


Météore - a magnetic name, evoking power and light. A phenomenon that arouses fascination all along its path, like flamboyant clouds that set the sky ablaze, dazzling humankind all around the world. Every moment of life becomes an adventure beyond meridians and parallels, transcending time and opening up every kind of possibility. 

How is it possible to capture and contain such intense luminosity? 

For Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, this audacious challenge dovetailed with his ongoing research into freshness, which he reveals here from a new angle in a crystalline, powerful, and instantly bracing composition. To give it such vivacious energy, he selected the noblest of citruses, without concession. Calabrian bergamot, mandarin and Sicilian orange burst forth and, pierced by a ray of light, project a cascade of sun-drenched notes. Their exceptional quality confers unprecedented power; their infusion touches the very heart of the perfume. “Here, freshness is not only a starting point, it becomes a major vector, a backbone around which all the other elements orchestrate and interlace,” Jacques Cavallier Belletrud explains. Among them is Tunisian neroli, whose radiant character further elevates the brightness of citrus. This is when a cocktail of spices makes a grandiose impact, revealed by a trio of peppers that sizzle and crackle, clinging to the citrus to better capture their light. A pairing of Guatemalan cardamom and Indonesian nutmeg enhances the fragrance’s depth, giving it a distinctive resonance. The Master Perfumer excels at playing on contrast that reveal textures right on one’s very skin. As a signature and to add a final touch of sophistication, he selected Java vetiver, an essence magnified here thanks to a unique distillation process. Stripped of its smokiest notes, the ingredient shines in all its complexity, exhaling amber facets as well as fresh and zesty notes of grapefruit or damp soil. And thus the noble, regal vetiver passes from shadow into light, dazzling along the way. Météore fuses elements of the sky and the Earth, deploying contemporary elegance without limits

To support this launch, Louis Vuitton have designed a new fragrance trunk and travel case in Taigarama.


Nuit de Feu

Following Ombre Nomade and Les Sables Roses, Louis Vuitton perfumes continue their homage to the olfactory culture of the Middle East. From its fascinating and inspiring age-old heritage, master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud borrows the most emblematic and luxurious raw materials: using ingredients that men have worn since the dawn of time, he weaves emotion through his latest composition, Nuit de Feu.


Inspired by a quest for the exceptional that guides Louis Vuitton perfumes, this collection informed by the Middle East’s olfactory heritage, showcases the highest quality ingredients. For Nuit de Feu, perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud made incense the backbone of his composition. “Through its very dense, white smoke, man has communed with the gods for millennia. Incense takes us back to the origins of perfumery and its etymology, per fumare, literally means ‘through smoke’. In perfumery, it’s an exceptional note because it is transcultural and sacred in several religions. It brings men together, raises the spirit and speaks to the soul, whether you’re from the Middle East, Asia or Europe.” The composition’s signature incense reveals itself over time thanks to the use of three different varieties.From the moment Nuit de Feu touches the skin, white incense from Somaliland, transformed by Louis Vuitton in Grasse, bursts forth with dazzling freshness. It’s the spark that lights the flame. At its heart, black incense that has been smoked prior to extraction defines the perfume’s personality: warm, dense and sensual. Shortly after, incense resin exhales its characteristic scent, its woody, spicy and slightly lemony notes cast in relief by the softness of an infusion of natural leather, Louis Vuitton’s emblematic material. A striking evocation of the House’s leather goods, this exclusive infusion made from leather cuttings collected in the historic workshop at Asnières is a keystone of the composition: it links incense with a magisterial, musky accord that elevates all the other ingredients, bringing them roundness and an exceptional, commanding trail. As if it were being propelled a little higher toward the heavens. The revelator of the fragrance, this musk accord envelops it in a luminous, comfortable halo, to which ambrette seed, a real “vegetal musk”, lends earthy accents. In its wake, an exceptional quality of Assam oud – an ingredient found in every perfume in this collection – gives Nuit de Feu an enchanting, woody depth. Folded into the shadow of incense, leather and musks, the legendary, almost mystical wood imbues the trio with an aura of mystery. “It’s a perfume that does one a world of good,” notes Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. “It’s a blend of essential ingredients that have traversed the ages and forged our civilizations. In a world that’s becoming more and more virtual, I wanted to create a perfume that anchors and reconnects us with nature and our collective history.”

To mark the launch, Louis Vuitton for the first time has created a perfume case in a golden crocodile version.