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Get Pampered And Support A Worthy Cause While You're At It!

For the 7th Nailaholics National Pampering Day, have the privilege of supporting HopelinePH, an organization that aims for suicide prevention and crisis intervention.

These days when we are freely able to head back to our regular routines of pampering, we present you a chance to get to do just that, but with a chance to give back and do some good for society. For Nailaholics' 7th year of having the much-awaited National Pampering Day, the brand chooses to continue its legacy of giving back, just as it did in years past. 

In the past celebrations, Nailaholics has supported several meaningful advocacies, mostly geared towards environmental preservation. One of the grandest celebrations was right before the pandemic, year 2019, when they donated PHP113,000 to Save Philippines Seas and sent a Nailaholics client to an all-expense paid vacation while joining a beach clean-up drive in the beautiful island of Siargao. This year, on their “lucky seventh”, they aim to tackle and support an issue that is relevant to one of society’s concealed predicaments today–our mental health.


Bouncing Back

As we attempt to bounce back from three grueling years of the pandemic, we purposely strive to pay more attention to something we have been taking for granted all those years–our health. Our health is not just physical but in totality includes our mental well-being. “After three years of uncertainty and fear, we are finally gaining back a sense of normalcy and more courage to go on with our usual lives, or should we say, the “new normal”. However, with all the learnings and experiences, we also realize that there have been major effects on our mental health.

Whether you’re a CEO or an entrepreneur bearing so much losses, a mother with so much to think about, a burnt out healthcare worker, a new graduate full of doubt, a teenager who can’t have a social life–we all had our fair share of anxiety that developed through the course of the pandemic. Some even lost loved ones unexpectedly or had a hard time recovering from illness themselves. We just could not deny the unfortunate fact that we all bred some form of mental health concern, and there is a serious need to address this.” explained Ms. Abby Borja, Head of Marketing for R2 Group of Exclusive Brands. And so this year, as Nailaholics continues its annual legacy of promoting pampering for a good cause, the brand will support Mental Health Awareness through its chosen beneficiary–Hopeline Philippines.


There’s Always Hope

HopelinePH by the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation provides free 24/7 suicide prevention and crisis intervention hotlines. According to HopelinePH: “When desperation and hopelessness take over, there will always be something or someone who can somehow give us the slightest sliver of hope that can eventually lead us to restore our faith in life.” They also conduct webinars and has recently launch mental health courses that will equip our education system to deal with mental health crisis.

Ask For Help: Hotlines And Orgs You Can Reach Out To For Mental Health Support


Ask For Help: Hotlines And Orgs You Can Reach Out To For Mental Health Support

Selfcare Saves!

One of the ways to protect and preserve our mental health is to practice self-love. “Like we always say here at Nailaholics, self-care is not selfish. It is never selfish to take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It is necessary. And it is your responsibility to make the world a better place by making yourself better.” added Ms. Borja. 

Nailaholics is inviting all of its regular patrons and even new clients to participate in this advocacy of making mental health a priority. On October 27th, from 10:00AM-2:00PM, ten selected Nailaholics branches* participating nationwide will be giving FREE HOPE MANICURE when you donate at least P100 to HopelinePH. Each donation sent to HopelinePH’s G-CASH account will allow you to pamper yourself and have well-groomed nails. The Hope Manicure also features a special green polish collection to represent the green ribbon symbolizing support for mental health awareness. 

With every act of self-care, your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self-care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side, I am on my side, each day I am more and more on my own side.—Susan Weiss Berry

Mental health is just as important as physical health. It balances the way we live our lives and serves as an anchor that keeps us hinged onto the purpose of living. So, let us not take our mental well-being for granted. Your mental health matters, YOU matter. 

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