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New Lounge Just Launched Its Newest Lash Designs and Power Product!

Your favorite eyelash extensions just got better!

It's 2023, and having dramatic eyelashes is the norm. Gone are the days when one would have to settle for anything less. Goodbye clumpy mascara and hello to perfect lash extensions that last for weeks. 'Waking up like this' has never been so easy, thanks to the premier lash authority in the country. Because Filipina lash dolls deserve the best, the country's leading eyelash and nails beauty service NEW Lounge launched new lash designs created by its experts and educators! Say hello to the PH Exclusive Volume lash, Lifestyle lashes, and Everyday lashes.

NEW Lounge PH Exclusive Lashes

Because Filipina eye shapes are unique, NEW Lounge created these specific designs to answer the growing demand for such. First on the lineup is the PH Exclusive Volume lash, which provides strategically applied extensions, guaranteeing only the best results for NEW Lounge’s local clientele. The overall effect is like having long natural lashes worn and darkened with a mascara. The shorter lash lengths subtly fill the base while the longer accent lashes add depth and drama. With high attention to detail, the brand’s skilled lash artists meticulously apply the longer lashes in the middle to the upper layer of the lash line to give the eyes more definition, highlighted through a wispy yet elegant look. This design is a very close sibling of the doll eye. 


Next up is the Lifestyle lashes design, a lovely fusion of the cat and doll eye designs, which was curated to enhance the typical Oriental Asian eye that is commonly lidded and has narrow angles. The goal is to create a stunningly attractive and amplified effect by making the eyes appear wider and larger with readily noticeable, natural-looking extensions. Just like with the cat eye pattern, the shortest lengths are placed in the inner corners with gradually increasing longer lengths applied towards the outer corners. Alternating sizes are placed in the middle section for the doll eye design blend, launching a whole new lash formula that effectively opens the eyes. NEW Lounge PH’s Lifestyle lashes strike a stand out look suitable for every “chinita” lash doll charmer. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Heart Evangelista's ICON Eyelashes

Last but definitely not least on our list is the Everyday lashes design, a game changer lash design that addresses the local market’s culturally-deep preference for minimalistic elegance. Made for lash dolls who believe that simplicity is sophistication, this eyelash design is an easy to maintain beauty essential that can seamlessly integrate into one’s everyday routine. It enhances the natural lashes by using only two lash lengths, giving off a volumized effect for that flawless glam that is subtle yet full of character.

NEW Lounge Icon Lash Essence

For those of us looking to give our natural lashes a little more TLC, NEW Lounge also launched a power-packed product our eyelashes will thank us for: the ICON Lash Essence! It promises to make your lashes longer, thicker, darker, and stronger, and is made by industry experts from Japan—those who specialize in scalp hair restoration and eyelash growth. Whether you want to supercharge your lashes with or without eyelash extensions, this serum-like product is perfect to use!

The serum is notably curated with a unique blend of ingredients specifically designed to promote lash growth and healthy natural lashes. It has Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides that retains moisture for that amazing plump and Acetyltetrapeptide-3 that has extremely strong cell repairing properties for ultra stout strands. It is lightweight, odor-free, colorless, and non-sticky, there will be absolutely no traces left after every application.

When used daily, with a gentle stroke on the lash line from the inner corners to the outer corners of the eye, results can be expected within 4-8 weeks. Apply twice a day, in the morning and night after cleansing skin, to achieve fuller natural lashes that can strongly hold lash extensions day in and out. It is made with no oil-based ingredients that can compromise the eyelash glue’s bonding properties and is excellent for use while wearing NEW Lounge’s premium eyelash extensions. 


Staying true to the brand’s core principle of providing only the safest products, the lash essence is hypoallergenic, non-irritating and is formulated without any harmful ingredients. It is 100% safe for the eyes and guarantees that it will not cause any fall offs when used with the brand’s signature lash extensions. What makes it even better is that it can be used to grow healthier eyebrows too.

To book your appointment for the new lash designs, log on to their website. The NEW Lounge ICON Lash Essence is exclusively available at all NEW Lounge branches. Follow on Instagram for updates.