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New Lounge Just Launched 'Push Present': A Pampering Experience For Moms-To-Be!

Prepare for the precious first family photos you'll be having minutes after you give birth!

Listen up, mommas-to-be, or ladies with friends who are about to pop! Néw Lounge has just launched their newest package offering—one that's bound to be a delight for ladies who are about to change their lives by giving birth to a beautiful baby!

Carrying a baby in your womb for nine months is surely no easy feat, and a mom-to-be, especially the first-timers, need all the love, care, and appreciation they can get for the life-changing moment they're about to have. Typically given by the husband or family, a push present is given to the pregnant lady right before she gives birth, to both celebrate the new baby, and to act as sort of a reward for all the discomfort a woman undergoes during the pregnancy period. 

And one lady who's about to pop is none other than beauty queen and model Katarina Rodriguez! Set in the picturesque island of Siargao, Kat's push present party by Néw Lounge gathered her nearest and dearest in the island, to help her get ready for child birth! A little pampering truly helps mommas and ladies de-stress and get showered with much-needed TLC!

Katarina Rodriguez

Kat spent the day being pampered by Néw Lounge, along with her girlfriends including Andi Eigenmann, Danika Nemis, Jazz Gardiner, Dana Blake, Tish Mahtani, and Aping Agudo. The brand brought their signature eyelash extension services to the island, along with treats for the glowing mom-to-be!

In her push present kit was an exclusive Lounge LashDoll robe, a stunning dried flower arrangement by Rustique Corners Manila, a set of Fifty Scent PH bestselling wood wick natural soy candles, a Manila Diamond Studios necklace that has her and her baby's initials engraved on it, and a tea-infused vegan cake from Siargao-based baker Chic Peace. Kat was made to feel her best, pampered self at the beautiful Bayud Resort on the island, allowing her to look forward to the big day.


“We’ve been so indulged with throwing baby showers where we give gifts mainly for the baby’s use, we tend to forget that the Moms deserve so much love too! At the end of the day, we want our LashDoll Moms to feel that they are celebrated for the wonderful and strong women that they truly are” says LA Cantimbuhan, Néw Lounge Marketing Officer. 

Interested in throwing a push present party for your own loved ones? Néw Lounge is here to cater to your special needs. A few days before a woman gives birth, you can give the gift of a Néw Lounge eyelash extensions service to help her look her best for the precious first family photos she will be taking with her newborn child and her husband. Remember, Néw Lounge is always here for you, LashDoll mom!

Push present by NÉW Lounge is available via mobile service or at all lounges nationwide, send them a message to know more about their packages.  To know more about NÉW Lounge's products & services or to book an appointment, head over to

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