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October Is The Month Of The Pink Minute

With alarming rising global statistics on cancer-caused deaths, Avon strengthens its resolve to make good use of its international reach by once again owning Breast Cancer Awareness Month through its "Pink Light Campaign". 

Locally, the "Pink Minute" Campaign is in full-swing, as Avon pushes the reminder for all to perform a regular breast self-exam. 

“At Avon, we believe no woman should die because she was left in the dark about breast cancer. We want every woman across the globe to know the risks, the signs, and what action to take when it comes to breast cancer. That way, if symptoms do develop they can be caught early and if necessary, treatment is undertaken to kick cancer into touch as quickly as possible”. 
Jan Zijderveld, Avon CEO 


Members of the media gathered to listen to Avon Philippines and local cancer survivors advocate the "Pink Minute" campaign


This month of October, expect to see iconic local landmarks get lit up with pink light—shining reminders for women to get into the habit of taking a Pink Minute to do breast self-exam regularly and to seek help immediately if they feel something unusual. Watch out for the SM Mall of Asia Globe, Manila Hotel, Manila City Hall, Eton Centris, PET Plans Building, St. Francis Square awashed in pink light all throughout the month, and on October 20, the Quezon City Memorial Circle gets its own pink light treatment as Avon celebrity ambassadors, Avon associates and representatives, women from different breast cancer support groups gather for such a historic event. 


Avon Philippines General Manager Razvan Diratian shares, “Ensuring that no woman is left in the dark when it comes to breast cancer begins with reminding women to make breast self-exam a natural part of their daily routine. It is a simple habit that can help save one’s life because until now, the closest thing to a cure for breast cancer is awareness and early detection.”

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“We really want to drive home the fact that early detection is the best key to survival. Doing breast self-exam consistently and correctly can help save you from the pain, anxiety, and difficulties of having breast cancer in later stages. The breast self-exam could be your lifeline. Don’t take it for granted. Value your life enough to commit to checking yourself monthly.”
-Dr. Rachael Rosario, Philippine Cancer Society's Executive Director


Cancer matters should never be taken lightly, and to shed some light on how serious it has become, here are the lastest 2018 global statistics on breast cancer:

  • There are 2.1 million cases of breast cancer worldwide each year
  • There are over 626,000 deaths from breast cancer worldwide each year
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide
  • In women, breast cancer makes up nearly a quarter (24.2%) of cases each year, i.e. about one in 4 of all new cancer cases diagnosed in women worldwide are breast cancer
  • In women breast cancer accounts for 15% of global cancer deaths


With this, Avon, together with the help of every Filipina, hopes to lessen these statistics by way of knowledge and awareness for every woman locally and around the world. In this light, Avon launches its newest symbol for the cause—the "Live, Love, Laugh" necklace which serves as the token to spread awareness and raise funds for women fighting breast cancer. 


Gift yourself or a dear woman in your life with this limited-edition symbolic necklace through your Avon representative. It retails for just P299, and with each purchase, P50 will go to the maintenance of the Avon-Philippine General Hospital Breast Care Center which provides health care and assistance to about 150 women per day.