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Singer-Songwriter-Actress-Model Justine Skye Talks To Us About Her DKNY Story

Check this exclusive story out as we got to talk to multi-hyphenate influencer Justine Skye. We weighed in on her passions, New York City, and DKNY’s latest fragrance. To say we're inspired is an understatement. Read on...


How would you describe the DKNY Stories fragrance and what do you love about it? When do you love wearing it?

I would describe DKNY Stories as a floral and feminine scent. I love that it lasts throughout the entire day so it can go from day to night. I wear it when I travel and in the studio. It gives me a boost of energy and confidence.



How has New York City transformed you as a person?

NY is the city of dreams.  If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the world.  I’m now living bi-coastal so I’d say coming from such a diverse city has allowed me to work, play, and live anywhere.


Tell us about your signature beauty look and how can we achieve this?

My signature beauty look is very classic. My makeup artists and I like to keep it very natural and accentuate my features, especially around my eyes. I love a good brow and an ombré lip.



What is YOUR story? How can it help inspire the next generation of dreamers?

I was shy growing up and had to find my confidence over time. I realized it starts with the way you treat yourself and who you keep around. I named my album ULTRAVIOLET because that shade of purple is so vibrant and represents a level of where I am today. I hope that by sharing my experiences on the album in relationships, learning from them, and growing that I will also help the next generation.



Who are the people you look up to and why?

I look up to the women in my family because they are so strong and loving. The amount of support they give me is unmatchable and I hope that I am able to be the same woman to my family, friends, and fans.


As an influencer of this generation, what to you is the most important role you play in society?

My most important role in society is to be myself.


How do you maintain passion for what you do? What do you do to stay inspired on days when you don’t feel like doing it?

Inspiration comes in many forms for me. I could be hanging with friends, listening to music, traveling…whatever really. I’m always inspired.


What are your top three tips for building your own personal brand?

Confidence, confidence, and confidence! No one can be you so be the best YOU!



Photos courtesy of DKNY Fragrance and Estee Lauder Companies