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Sleep Walker: Looking Young Is Just A Snooze Away

Surely your first line of defense against the signs of aging is your skincare routine. From serums that boost collagen production to moisturizers that hide the appearance of fine lines, beauty products always save our skin and work their anti-aging magic through ingredients that have a ton of scientific research to back them up. 



And while we're on the quest for our best skin yet, it surely won't hurt to try more ways to improve your anti-aging skincare routine, right? Because here at Metro.Style, we’re all about embracing natural beauty too! After all, simple, practical, and healthy lifestyle habits are an essential part of living a long life.

So, to put it simply, we're here to help you get that youthful glow without breaking the bank. You might find that you only need little to no eye cream, injections, or plastic surgery to keep that youthful glow, because sleep—yes, you read that right—is our body's natural way to help keep us look glowingly young. Not to mention the amount of health benefits we reap from a good 8 hours!



Curious about how those ZZZs are your next best beauty bet? Here are five beauty benefits that getting enough rest can give you:


1. Your skin glows.

Skin grows a lot in our sleep—we develop nearly 30 times more skin when asleep. And if you're a healthy sleeper, your skin could be more elastic, supple and firm. Thereby, the more you get a full night’s sleep, the more you’ll have that youthful glow.


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2. You can avoid premature ageing.

A good night’s sleep is one of the natural stress relievers. With enough sleep, you can surely lessen your high stress levels which eventually, lead to premature aging. Aside from that, it can also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, especially when you lay on your back.


3. You stay fitter and have a healthier appearance. 

Consistently getting less sleep leads to slow and steady weight gain. This weight gain can impact how others view you and how you may view yourself. But if you sleep more, you’ll find it easier to lose weight and will even have more energy to exercise. In fact, nowadays, it is commonly accepted that exercise helps you feel younger both physically and mentally.



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4. You can avoid acne.

To avoid acne from becoming worse, it is necessary that you get enough sleep. Sleeping is also responsible in building up your immune system which ultimately fights infection. As a result, blemishes on skin will clear up faster and you’ll look fresher. And what's even better is that it can also save up on your other clinical treatments. 


5. You boost your “youth” hormones.

Sleeping encourages the body to produce human growth hormone (HGH), especially if you have a full sleep. HGH is a key player in keeping us looking young even after we’ve finished growing. Plus, it maintains skin elasticity as it triggers the body to produce collagen, preventing the appearance of a lot of wrinkles—and helps you avoid going through clinical treatments, and feel and look young as you age. 


Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash