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Solenn Heussaff Shares Her Self-Care Practices During Pregnancy

The soon-to-be mom of two emphasizes on the importance of self-care and the habits she formed to remain healthy and radiant while pregnant.

One super mom who we always aspire to be like is actress Solenn Heusaff. As she goes through a new pregnancy to welcome her second child, she's even more beautiful and radiant—and we wonder what her secret is!

But wonder no more, as she generously opens up to what makes her glow and happy, and it's actually easier than we think. "I'm very busy taking care of my daughter and doing a lot of things since we're transferring homes also. So I just make sure that I have time for myself, whether it's one hour a day or even just 30 minutes," Solenn tells Metro.Style. 


Amidst her full schedule both for work and her family, this "me time" always is a priority for her—a thing that perks her up and restores her energy and self-confidence. "I lie down, read a book, or go to my computer to watch a movie at night when everyone is asleep," the celebrity mom enumerates.

She also takes time to cook and bake, which Solenn describes as her therapy now. "I just do muffins for my daughter; even just crepes is my new thing!" Sharing this simple hobby, it shows how Solenn is enjoying it, exuding a kind of happiness rooted from doing something she genuinely loves. 

And lastly, she confessed that she's not the massage- or spa-type of person; instead, forms of at-home routines are more than enough to keep her calm and relaxed. Solenn is particular when it comes to feeling refreshed prior to hitting the sheets at night, so a good skincare regimen is her go-to pampering at home.

Hers is a pretty straightforward one. "I'm a creature of habit. I love to just use what im used to using," the actress shares. She also gushes that, thankfully, her favorite skincare ingredient—niacinamide—is safe for pregnant women like her, found in her current skincare of choice, the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance range.

"It always comes in threes," Solenn begins. While she's already in love with the creamy cleanser, refreshing toner, and day and night creams, she feels extra cared for when the new Perfecting Serum was launched. For a more indulgent me-time moment, the super mom uses the brand's other new products, too, once or twice a week—the Gentle Renewing Cleanser, with Jojoba beads that she loves so much, and the Instant Radiance Mask for a little facial spa at home. "I do love how it hydrates and everything!" she exclaims. "So far, it's been working for me, so I think it will work for a lot of other women as well."

Ultimately, it really just boils down to one thing. "I just make sure that I take care of myself," Solenn muses. After all, it's hitting two birds with one stone—if she feels good, her baby will do, too!