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This Machine Lets You Tone Your Muscles In 30 Minutes Or Less

Finally reap the hard-earned effect of your disciplined workouts and dieting with the help of this cutting-edge muscle toning device!

When you’ve consistently been putting in the hours in the gym, showing up to different group workout classes, ruminating on life inside the sauna room, and meal prepping like a boss, yet somehow there are still parts of your body (like your thighs and tummy if you’re anything like me) that your training-hard/eating-well regime just can’t completely get rid of, it could get very frustrating. 


This Contouring Lounge Lets You Achieve The Body Shape You Want, Once And For All!

When you see parts that shake and wobble where they shouldn’t, or skin that sags and looks dimpled–you come to question “Am I not doing enough?” and you doubt if your hard work will ever pay off. During times that your insecurity kicks in, is there any other option you can turn to for that extra help? Thankfully, there are tons! You just have to know exactly where to look and make sure that the product is credible enough so you get that bang for your buck. Metro.Style has recently come across the latest, trusted innovation in body shaping and sculpting to hit the country and we fully understand the buzz behind it so we’re here to share all the details. Hello, workout-diet ROI, we are ready for you!

Way before non-invasive and laser technology were a thing people rave about, SpectruMed has already been known as the most trusted and preferred provider of aesthetic systems in the Philippines. Their aim is always to make Filipinos experience the best aesthetic products from around the globe, so we don’t have to fly to Paris, Tokyo, or Beverly Hills just to get the most in-demand treatments. With the help of International Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and Sports Medicine Expert, Heiko Van Vliet, we got to know more about the newest MySculpting innovation from one of SpectruMed’s trusted brands, Zimmer. 

According to Mr. Van Vliet, targeting certain areas of the body to appear more toned and sculpted can’t always be achieved by exercise and diet alone—it is with the help of muscle contractions from electromagnetic technology that we get to see the shape we want to have in half the time it would take for our fitness regime to take effect. If you lack the motivation to hit the gym or you just can’t take the pain of extreme exercises, this is a great body shaping machine that also helps in muscle growth (for the gains), improved blood flow and increased cell metabolism. It is an easy and comfortable solution for the target areas that are hard to exercise like the abdomen and buttocks. 

You can see how this can be appealing to all the ladies, but even men have tried it and seen the results that they want. Men are seeking help with body contouring and sculpting today than ever before and because their skins maintain its elasticity longer than us, women, MyoSculpting machines are even more so effective to them. 

Even skin cosmetics and surgery experts like Dr. Hayden Kho and Dra. Vicky Belo tried it out and were impressed with how painless the treatment was. They said that unlike other body sculpting machines that make your muscles contract, making you feel like you’ve done thousands of crunches, for instance, MyoSculpting by Zimmer didn’t feel like your ribs are being crushed together leaving your belly and the rest of your abdomen feeling the soreness and discomfort during the treatment. 

Safe for all skin types, the machine’s applicators release an electromagnetic field that activates muscle contractions and natural lipolysis for fat reduction, one session can already deliver immediate results of circumferential difference in your problem area. It’s not like the usual machines that heat up or leaves you bruising, it can even be used with your clothes on.

Treatments are fast and easy! In a matter of 15 to 30 minutes per session, it could improve the overall definition of the target area you’re working on. It has pre-set programs that allow you to perform various treatments ranging from Beginner level all the way to Professional and even Athlete level, quickly and reliably unsupervised. It’s so easy to use the machine and with no pain and no downtime required, the option to even do the treatment right at the comfort of your home is never off the table. There’s no excuse to stop envisioning yourself in that hourglass figure from the old Hollywood age or seeing your body transform with curves and cuts like J.Lo and Shakira because with MyoSculpting by Zimmer, you’ll be able to reveal the next level of sexy, pain-free, with no downtime and maybe even just in time for summer! 

Book your MyoSculpting by Zimmer demo or other body contouring and reshaping products by visiting and following @spectrumedinc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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