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Tom Ford’s Highly Explicit And Sought After Perfume Finally Arrives In Philippines


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Perfumes rarely make a headline controversy. But that’s exactly what happened last year September, when Tom Ford announced his new limited-edition fragrance: “Fucking Fabulous”

Yes, that is the perfume’s actual name, and it caused quite a stir. To quickly recap the notorious backstory of this perfume, it is said that it was first revealed to select lucky guests of the Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2018 show. The shock and intrigue of seeing this sleek, black bottle with such an expletive title quickly became a social media and beauty news phenomena.


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Not everyone was happy about the name, however, as many conservative buyers were immediately put-off by the name. On the other hand, some critics have also lambasted the company’s choice of name as a marketing stunt, a vulgar tactic to sell another overpriced bottle. But then again, as the master of controversial advertising, Tom Ford revels in the provocative and probably enjoyed the divisive reaction.


"Fucking Fabulous" censored at the request of many retailers


How did Tom Ford and the executives at Estée Lauder Companies come up with the name anyway? According to journalist Jane Larkworthy, the story goes that during fragrance sampling meeting, Tom had sniffed this concoction and immediately commented, “This is fucking fabulous.” The name has stuck since.

Nevertheless, Tom Ford had to bear some drawbacks with “Fucking Fabulous”. For instance, during its release, the perfume could not be launched in department stores, and could only be sold online. Some countries even refused to allow the perfume into stores unless the company changed the name.

Nevertheless, “Fucking Fabulous” was a widely successful fragrance. It quickly sold-out online upon its release, and has had multiple back-orders since. It also won the 2018 Fragrance Foundation Award for Fragrance Of The Year Women’s Luxury; but controversially, again, the Fragrance Foundation Instagram had to censor the name after complaints from followers.



“Fucking Fabulous” is described as a “decadent oriental leather” with clary sage, fresh lavender, “delectable bitter almond and vanilla inflections” as well as orris root from the iris flower. But, does it actually live up to its name? You’ll have to try it out yourself once it hits Tom Ford Beauty counters in Adora, Greenbelt 5 and Rustan’s Makati on August 11, 2018.


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Photos courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty