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Yes, A Sheet Mask For Your Vulva Finally Exists—Here's Where To Get One!

The vagina is an empowering part of a woman’s body. It gives us pleasure—even happiness. For some mothers, it also gives them children! But for decades, this emblematic part of femininity has been hidden, if not downright ignored. Society once hushed women who talked about their own genitalia, even discouraging them from doing so. But thankfully, in this day and age, it is no longer taboo to talk about pussy power. In fact, more and more women are joining the conversation.

In celebration of women’s month, the ladies behind international hair removal boutique Strip Ministry of Waxing launched Two Lips—a luxury intimate care range for the vulva. Backed with 20 years of experience, the ladies of Two Lips are encouraging women to give their vaginas (or to be anatomically correct, their vulvas!) the love and pampering they deserve. “We spend so much time taking care of our skin and faces—why shouldn’t we also take care of ourselves down there?” shares Tab Abad, the Managing Director of HaRem Philippines, which houses sister brands Strip Ministry of Waxing, Browhaus Manila, and Two Lips in the country. “Why follow the norm when we can break the taboo? Let’s celebrate liberation!”

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Photo: Two Lips


Vagina vs Vulva

What is the difference between the vagina and the vulva? Let’s back up and take a refresher course. The vulva is a sum of many parts: the vaginal lips (labia majora and labia minora), the clitoris, the urethral opening, and the vaginal opening. It also comprises the inner thighs and the flesh over your pubic bone! On the other hand, the vagina is an internal organ.

While the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, the vulva must be washed regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. One must always be gentle when washing the vulva—vigorous cleaning can deplete it of natural oils, leaving it irritated and dry. Other factors that may irritate the vulva are the wrong choice of undergarment, wearing pants that are too tight, menopause, and scented panty liners.

It is important to take care of the skin on the vulva since it acts as a protective layer to delicate skin tissues and pathogens. But did you know that over time, our vulva changes in appearance, too? A lot of factors contribute to this—hair removal, hormonal fluctuations, and of course, childbirth itself.

Thankfully, vulva care line Two Lips allows women to do something about it.




Two Lips soothes, detoxifies, brightens, and hydrates your vulva

Two Lips’ organic Activated Charcoal Sheet Mask, also known as the Blackout Mask, claims to be the first of its kind in the world. After five years of research and design, it was first launched in Singapore, followed by Malaysia, London, and now Philippines.

This vegan sheet mask is sulphate, paraben and petrochemical-free! It promises to soothe, detoxify, brighten, and hydrate your vulva. Two Lips also claims that continuous use helps make your vulva appear younger and plumper. Get this: it also comes in a lace design to make it look like lingerie—how chic!

One sheet contains 65g of serum, which is equivalent to 1 and a half ampule. You can opt to refrigerate the sheet mask before applying it for a cooler, more rejuvenating experience.

Photo: Two Lips


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How to Use the The Two Lips Blackout Mask 

First things first, wash and dry your vulva. Then lie down, and apply your Blackout Mask all over your vulva—make sure it covers your pubic bone, inner thigh, and labia. Let it stay for 15 minutes and relax! To help you keep track of the time, TwoLips also curated a 15-minute playlist on Spotify so you can listen to is as you enjoy your me-time—how innovative is that?


When to Use the Two Lips Blackout Mask

This is safe to use anytime—before or after sex, or even during your period. Mothers can also use this product three months after childbirth if they are not breastfeeding. However, pregnant and breastfeeding moms should refrain from using the Blackout Mask as it contains potent organic essential oils.

The Two Lips Blackout Mask can be used right after waxing as a post-treatment care. If waxing isn’t your thing, and you prefer to keep your hair down there—fret not. The serum inside this mask is also thick enough to penetrate your bush.

For best initial results, it is recommended to use this product for 5 consecutive days.


The Future of the Beauty Industry

In the same way wearing beautiful lingerie helps make women feel confident, knowing that you look beautiful ‘down there’ can also make you feel more comfortable and powerful. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference—pampering the vulva isn’t a need per se, but it’s a choice that can empower women.

Today, after years of hiding in the shadows, the vulva is finally getting the attention it deserves. Women are now encouraged to start the conversation about a topic once considered taboo. Gone are the days of outdated mindsets—this is the beauty industry in the 21st century.


The Two Lips Blackout Mask is available in all Strip Ministry of Waxing branches in Greenbelt 5, Serendra, and SM Mega Fashion Hall

Artwork by Butchie Peña