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Revive Your Vulva With These Groundbreaking Skincare Products Especially Made For Your Private Parts

The brand that brought us the sheet mask for the vulva is back with more formulas to get our lady parts (and other parts of our body) in tip top shape!

I know what you're thinking: "But I already use feminine wash religiously when I take a shower." More than your grocery-bought feminine wash, your lady parts need a bit more TLC than you think. And it involves specialized, science-backed products that work. Scroll further to learn more!

Remember that time when TWO L(I)PS shocked the world with the introduction of their first ever vulva sheet mask? We knew the women's body products industry would never be the same! In this day and age of female empowerment, we ladies are encouraged to take charge of not just our careers and aspirations, but of our health, and other private matters—like our private parts as well!

“We spend so much time taking care of our skin and faces—why shouldn’t we also take care of ourselves down there?” shares Tab Abad, the Managing Director of HaRem Philippines, which houses sister brands Strip Ministry of Waxing, Browhaus Manila, and Two Lips in the country. “Why follow the norm when we can break the taboo? Let’s celebrate liberation!” We'd have to simply agree—why neglect the one of the most important parts of the female body? And as a refresher, the vulva is the part that needs to be cleaned often to avoid bacteria build-up, while the vagina is the part that is able to clean itself (how amazing is our body?) 

The Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask then is an organic sheet mask that's meant to soothe, detoxify, brighten, and hydrate your vulva. It's a vegan, sulfate, paraben, petrochemical-free sheet mask that contains activated charcoal that promises to draw out toxins from your private parts. To find out who can use this amazing sheet mask, click here.

And now, for the brand's anniversary, they bring us a full range of groundbreaking skincare products for your vulva. You read that right: they didn't just stop with the sheet mask, they came out with a line of serums and moisturizers, all meant to enhance your vulva's vitality.

First up is "BUMPPS", a serum that singlehandedly addresses folliculitis aka inflamed hair follicles. Sometimes when washing down there, you feel unwanted acne-like bumps that can tend to get painful when left untreated. Rejoice, for now you have something that actually treats it!

This serum controls sebum build-up, and contains Arrowroot Extract that gently heals and treats blemishes, sores, wounds without drying out the skin; Chamomile Extract that contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and Tea Tree Oil that fights inflammation while calming redness and swelling. The bonus? You can totally use it after a Brazilian Wax to soothe skin and prevent clogged follicles! This product is recommended as the first step in your vulva care routine.

Editor's Note: Get a bang for your buck by using this on other parts of the body that need help in controlling oil—think your back or the T-zone on your face. Yes, it's completely safe, and was designed to be multi-use!


The next step to your vulva TLC regimen is actually the Blackout Sheet Mask, followed by the third step which is the "POUT"—a serum that boasts of 95% Hyaluronic Acid, the ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. Why need Hyaluronic Acid, you ask? You know how professional skin experts advise you to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize? They do so for good reason—because just as our insides benefit from ample water intake, so does our skin from an efficient moisturizing product.

POUT, while it can be used for other parts of your body like your face, benefits your private part the most, where dryness often occurs, but is left untreated. There's no shame in wanting to bring back your vulva's vitality, and POUT lets you do just that!

Before you get that daunting feeling that this routine might take too long, consider it an investment for your lady parts—because only you can truly give it the attention it needs on the daily. Why not turn your bedroom into a haven for self-care by listening to this exclusive TWO L(I)PS Spotify playlist especially curated for this 5-step regimen?

Ever get conscious about the state of your skin around the vulva, especially your inner thighs? This often becomes an issue when you're about to go on vacation at the beach, or when you want to wear short shorts! Fret no more, because the 4th step comes to the rescue. Two Lips' "DIAMOND", a gentle vitamin C serum that works to rejuvenate dull-looking skin. 

We can totally relate to the problem of dull, darkened skin in this area. Factors that can contribute to this are constant friction with form-fitting clothes like workout gear, or thigh chafing that causes irritation which then in turn overstimulates melanin production. In the same way, skin gets dull due to the retention of toxins in oxidized skin cells as well as excessive dryness, wherein a build-up of skin cells accumulate due to lack of moisture and hydration. 

DIAMOND contains Ascorbyl Glucoside, a gentler form of Vitamin C that's safe to use for your face and your vulva. Expect to restore radiance, hydration, and plumpness in these parts of your skin in just five to seven weeks, as you apply one pump daily before bedtime. Dullness, be gone!

And last but equally important in this self-care ritual is "UNDERCOVER", a cream that aims to banish blemishes and dark spots for good! The way it works is that it contains Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-36 as active ingredient, preventing the production of excess melanin and pigmentation that causes those pesky dark spots that seem to come out of nowhere! And just like its amazing counterparts, this product can be used on any part of the body. 

Are you ready to #LoveYourVulvaMore? Make it your mission to not just put all the anti-ageing—or better yet—the graceful ageing on your face but on your vulva as well. Your body will thank you for it! 

TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask, Bumpps, Pout, Diamond, and Undercover are all available at Strip outlets and Prices available upon request. Follow on Instagram for updates and fun videos.